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Japan’s offical cover-up of how bad things really are at Fukushima

text-nuclear-uranium-liesflag-japanProfessor: Fukushima disaster “beyond a cover-up” — Japan gov’t thinks they can get away with tricking masses about extent of problem — Officials and Tepco cannot be trusted, they are lying to the camera
Title: Are the Japanese government lying about the fallout from Fukushima?
Source: Newstalk 106 FM
Author: Raf Diallo
Date: 29 August 2013

Alexis Dudden (SOURCE: University of Connecticut)
[…] Alexis Dudden, a Professor of History at the University of Connecticut  and a regular visitor to Japan [who was recently in Fukushima Prefecture] spoke to me about events in the country and why the Japanese government nor the Tokyo Electrical Power Company (TEPCO) can be trusted regarding the nuclear issue.Two years ago she told me that the way the Fukushima disaster was handled was beyond a cover-up and her opinion has not changed.

“There is a willful determination that (the government) can get away with it, that they can get away with tricking the masses about the extent of the problem. [Japan’s] former ambassador to Switzerland wrote a letter to the International Olympic Committee, saying that the government lied,” says Dudden of a situation she believes is just as bad as Chernobyl in relation to its long-term impact. […]

“They blamed TEPCO for the last two years but they haven’t moved to disband the organization. Shares in TEPCO were doing well until recently so the people in charge profited in the interim. They are lying to the camera,” says Dudden. […]

She believes that hundreds of thousands of people should have been evacuated from the affected area immediately after the disaster to reduce pain and suffering and it is a view backed up by the head of Japan’s Medical Association who also happens to be from Fukushima. […]
See also: Korea Times: Japan cover-up could violate international law — Hid global issue of environmental concern?

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