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Economic new world order under way now, with renewable energy

piggy-ban-renewablesInvestors risk being left behind by renewable energy, Financial Standard,  29 August 2013 

By Mark Smith  Investors globally are underestimating the risk of being left behind by climate change, renewable energy and other environmental trends, according to Nanuk Asset Management director Paul Chadwick.

Nanuk manages a long/short thematic global equity fund which invests in companies that are positively exposed to a long-term structural shift towards cleaner and more efficient energy generation, management and use.

Chadwick told Financial Standard that the economic turmoil created by the global financial crisis had distracted investors from developments in the renewable energy space which he believes can spark a “new world order” with clean energy over-taking old-world fossil fuel sources much faster than most people realise.

“Out of the carnage of the GFC, solar and wind energy is fast becoming cheaper than traditional energy. There’s been carnage in the stocks related to the industry and there exists a questionable corporate situation but the theme is underpinned by unavoidable fundamentals.”……

To gather the most upside from these inefficiencies, the Nanuk Clean Energy Fund is able to take short positions and uses derivatives to hedge out policy risk.

“Stocks in the renewable energy and sustainability universe are driven by inordinate news and government policy and the industry is in an embryonic phase,” Chadwick continued.

“We believe that increased economic development and the limitations of conventional energy sources are leading to long-term structural shifts in the way energy is generated, managed and consumed.”

Chadwick said these shifts include increasing use of renewable energy sources to replace existing hydrocarbon energy fuels, increasing efficiency in energy usage, increasing electricity grid interconnectivity and smart grid management and the development and integration of energy storage technologies.

“With rising populations, increasing demand for energy, a limited supply of fossil fuels and increasing pressure from an environmentally aware public, it will not be long before the new world order is impossible for corporates and governments to ignore,” he finished.

Nanuk Asset Management takes its name from the Inuit word for the polar bear, an animal whose habitat is being eroded by climate change.



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