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Please help stop the radioactive contamination of the PacificHello, this is an urgent message from Japan.
It was revealed that, as the result of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant, 300 tons of radioactive waste water containing highly toxic substance such as cesium, strontium, tritium has been leaking in the sea every day.

It is of absolute necessity to prevent the discharge of this contaminated water.
The Japanese government says it will assign a prevention budget but it’s not until the next fiscal year. Plus the plan fails to stop groundwater from flowing into the power plant buildings and lacks fundamental preventative measures. If the present situation lingers, the contamination will continue to spread. Experts from nations throughout the world are needed to solve this problem.

Please, before the world’s beautiful oceans become contaminated,
please share this issue with people all over the world through Twitter,
Facebook, and other means.

Finally, please appeal to the Japanese government to stop this radioactive
Send message here to the Japanese Government:

Stop the contamination from Fukushima nuclear power plant!
Protect our oceans!

Japanese citizens and citizen’s groups
e-shift network

*For Twitter:
Share&Action “WE ALL SHARE OCEANS! Please help stop the radioactive contamination of the Pacific”




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