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CRIIRAD denounce nuclear shady goings on in French Polynesia

Yet he had achieved concrete results, site remediation and recognition of victims’ rights matters…..

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CRIIRAD denounced the dismissal of Bruno Barrillot and is concerned that it  closes, once again, the issue of the health impact and environmental impact of nuclear tests France

Bruno Barrillot is an independent consultant, specializing in weapons, including nuclear weapons. Co-founder in 1984 of the Centre for Documentation and Research on Peace and Conflict, now the Observatory arms [1].

In 2005, he was charged by the government of French Polynesia monitoring the consequences of French nuclear tests in French Polynesia. and had achieved concrete results concerning site remediation and recognition of victims’ rights matters.

The French authorities have long argued that their experimental atomic explosions remained clean and therefore had no casualties.

The very poor Morin 2010 law on compensation for victims of the trials [2] was the first step towards truth and justice. Bruno Barrillot played an important role in its development.

One of the first decisions of the government of Gaston Flosse, again became president of French Polynesia on May 17, was to end, without explanation, its monitoring mission which is far from being completed.

Mururoa E ARMADILLO (Association of workers and victims of Mururoa and Fangataufaa) created a petition to support Bruno Barrillot: Justice for the victims of French nuclear tests
Sign the petition

Law No. 2010-2 of 5 January 2010 on the recognition and compensation of victims of French nuclear tests

[2] Loi n° 2010-2 du 5 janvier 2010 relative à la reconnaissance et à l’indemnisation des victimes des essais nucléaires français

Source In French only

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