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Fukushima thyroid testing – medical litigation misdiagnosed every time – 1billion Yen insurance at risk! Part 2

Saturday, 27 July 2013

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(Translation by Mia)
In Nihonmatsu-city in Fukushima prefecture the Fukushima Health Survey Team has been carrying out the thyroid examinations for children since last fall. But many parents in Nihonmatsu-city had been feeling doubtful about the accuracy of the thyroid examinations.
Recently Mrs. Rui Sasaki who runs “Doho nursery school with her husband in Nihonmatsu-city organized the independent temporary clinic for thyroid examinations in her nursery school in response to the concerns of many parents.
Two of her children were also examined. One of her sons, Jushin got a different result-there as some abnormality was funod in his thyroid. Although, according to the Fukushima Health Survey, the result was A1. Not only her son, there are many other children that got different results from the Fukushima Health Survey.
(1m10s) Mrs. Sasaki said,
“I didn’t trust the Fukushima Survey examination from the beginning because it only took 10 seconds to examine the thyroid, therefore they won’t find anything wrong in the thyroid”.
(Editor’s comment)
A1 – there is no abnormality.
A2 – there is some cysts in the thyroid.
B1 – they are going to develop thyroid cancer or they already got thyroid cancer.
4m20s- 福島医大の理事長室で、話し合われたこと。
What was discussed in the Director’s office in the Fukushima Medical University.
Mr. Abe: 甲状腺検査については今後、必ず誤診が出ると考えている。 その際の賠償問題が生じる。 現状では個人の損害賠償保険しかない状態であるが、本来は医大が、責任を持つべき問題だと、思う。個人が訴えられないように対応を、お願いしたい。
I’ve been thinking that there would be misleading diagnosis in the thyroid echo examination in the future for sure, by which compensation issue would arise. The current compensation policy covers only the individual. I think all doctors who examine the thyroid should be really covered under the Fukushima Medical University so that they wouldn’t get sued by their patients. I would like to ask you to do something about that.
Mr. Fujishima:甲状腺検査の賠償責任保険は、個人で加入されているのとは、別に入っていただくことにしたい。
I would suggest that all doctors who give diagnoses for the thyroid examination to join a separate insurance to cover the cost for misleading diagnoses.
Mr. Abe:組織として加入する保険料については、負担するのか?
Do doctors need to pay for that?
Mr. Fujishima:県民健康管理センターの予算で、支払うことになると、思われる。また、県民健康管理センターには、リーガル部門が必要であるので、たいせいつくりを、検討している。
I suppose the cost for them to join the separate insurance would be covered by the budget from the Fukushima Health Management Center. I also think that legal department need to be set up within the Fukushima Health Management Center, so I’m working on that, too.
Later Mr. Fujishima’s suggestion was agreed with the Fukushima prefecture officials and decided to pay by the tax payer’s money.

6m30s- 誤診が発生した場合。 支払い限度額は10億円と設定されていた。

Our planet TV acquired the document that says how to protect doctors legally when their misleading diagnoses were sued. 10 million yen (=1 billion yen?) was set up.
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OurPlanet-TV is an independent media of non-profit still rare in Japan. He did not have any advertising revenue from the industrial technology. All costs associated with production is supported by membership dues and donations of individuals who He will cheer.
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*Fukushima thyroid testing & medical litigation misdiagnosed every time – 1billion Yen insurance at risk!

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