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Radiating Americans: Fukushima rain, Clinton’s secret food pact

“I’m estimating over the next five years, you’re going to see a 20% increase in lung cancer. You’re not going to be able to say a person’s individual cancer came from Fukushima, but when you look at northern Japan, whatever the rate would have been, there will be a 20% more.”

Fukushima is far from stabilized according to energy advisor veteran with 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience, Arnie Gundersen who told Solar IMG Saturday that Americans, not just in the northwest, are unaware of being rained on with Fukushima nuclear hot particles and eating Fukushima contaminated food because the US government has deliberately minimized the catastrophe, partially due to a pact Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed with Japan. Gundersen, with a team of other scientists, intends to prove government statements about Fukushima are false.

“The United States came up with a decision to downplay Fukushima,” said Gundersen who is awakening the public with information such as hot particles in rain will continue falling in the U.S., not just in the Pacific Northwest, for another year, and mentioning high-level fallout in Oklahoma a few days ago.

Gundersen told SolarIMG that high-level people he knows in the State Department said Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing for the United States to continue buying food from Japan, despite that food not being properly tested for radioactive materials.

“So we are not sampling the food coming into the United States,” he said, repeating, “The US government has come up with a decision at the highest levels of the State Department, as well as other departments who made a decision to downplay Fukushima.”

In April, the month after the powerful tsunami and earthquake crippled Japan including its nuclear power plant, “Hillary Clinton signed a pact with Japan that she agreed there is no problem with Japanese food supply and we will continue to buy them so we are not sampling food coming in from Japan” according to Gundersen.

Due to this high degree of secrecy enshrouding the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, that Gundersen said is ongoing, he has called on Americans with Geiger counters to send samples to him for an independent research team’s study.

Gundersen says the new study will prove that what the U.S. government is telling Americans is false.

To help Americans come to terms with the present and ongoing Fukushima catastrophe, the former nuclear industry senior vice president who earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in nuclear engineering, who holds a nuclear safety patent, and was a licensed reactor operator, Arnie Gundersen recently featured on his Fairwinds website a new documentary short titled, “Dial ‘M’ For Meltdown.”

Brian Rich created the video to ensure the history of commercial nuclear power was documented and presented to a younger generation.

“I found most of the public was turned off by the complex nature of Nuclear Physics, even if what they didn’t know was going to kill them and their loved ones,” reported Rich.

One reason millions will die from Fukushima is what some experts in July called scandalous collusion to cover-up the horrendous facts about the nuclear holocaust occurring.

Fukushima stabilized? Many children to suffer thyroid cancer in three to five years

“The reactors are better than since the accident,” said Gundersen, but “they all have holes on them, so they are not holding water.”

“Until a couple of weeks ago, they had to constantly add water. Now there’s a system in place that’s cleaning the water enough that they can pump it back into the reactor.”

Gundersen stated that the reactors are still creating “an enormous amount of waste” and that “the filters are hotter than a pistol.”

“I still believe water is leaking into the ocean and I know water’s leaking into the ground table,” he said.

Gundersen said it is a concern that there are indications that there is still iodine on site plus, ‘enormous amounts of iodine have been in the water.”

“There’s an awful lot of kids that are going to have thyroid problems in the next three to five years as the result of this.”

Kicking the nuclear can, Worst to come: Unit 4, Contaminated food and water, Children and cancer

Gundersen admits that he is “becoming increasingly concerned” about Fukushima impacting not only Japanese but also Americans.

He listed his major concerns related to Fukushima impact in the United States: Unit 4; radioactive beef, soil and rain; burning contaminated materials; and raising dose amounts.

According to Gundersen, Fukushima’s Unit 4 is “very fragile and could topple” in another earthquake.

Off-site releases that have already occurred are a problem, he said.

Each Japanese prefecture is “doing its own thing” instead of a whole of government approach resolving the radiation problem and protecting the people.

“There is radioactive beef. There’s radioactive soil. There’s going to be radioactive straw.”

“The Japanese are not sampling enough,” said the nuclear expert, and Fukushima food is being bought by unwitting Americans.

The government increased the amount of “acceptable limits of radiation” a person can have, including raising child amount to the same as adults.

“For every 250 REM, you can expect a cancer,” he said. “So for every 10 men… one of those 10 will get cancer as a result of working at Fukushima.”

“They’ve got 8,000 people on site.

“We seem to think, ‘Well, they’re not sick now, so let’s not worry about it,'” said Gundersen. “Now for these guys, it’s 50 to 50% that the workers will get cancer.”

“Statistically they are worse off because they work there.”

“Same holds true for the rest of the population,” he stated.

“I’m estimating over the next five years, you’re going to see a 20% increase in lung cancer. You’re not going to be able to say a person’s individual cancer came from Fukushima, but when you look at northern Japan, whatever the rate would have been, there will be a 20% more.”

Burning contaminated materials results in what Gundersen referred to as “kicking the can.”

“The Japanese are allowing the contaminated material to be burned as long as it’s less than 7000 Becquerels. What they’re also allowing is, if you have a high concentration material and a low concentration material, you can average those two out.”

The radioactive contaminated material being burned in one prefecture in Japan goes into the neighboring prefecture and contaminates it.

“It eventually ends up into the Pacific Northwest, either into B.C., Oregon, Washington or California. The process of burning the radioactive material means they’re kicking the can down the road.”

Gundersen furthered, “The accident isn’t over. It’s continually throwing back up the cesium which is already on the ground and into plants.”

“It’s going to get worse now with the straw harvest,” he said, speaking about the Japanese rice harvest to start in September.

“After the rice is harvested, the straw, like the rice it grew, will be contaminated. With a half-life of 30 years, you’re not going to let it set in your barn for 300 years. You’re going to burn it.”

According to Gundersen, the contaminated straw is going to be burned and that will kick it into the next prefecture and then, over to the United States and Canada where it will come down in the rain.

“Kick the problem to Hawaii or British Columbia or Oregon,” he said.

“A rainout is when a radioactive cloud passes over an area and, due to a coincidental rainstorm, the hot particles get dropped on the soil.”

“We’re going to see another year of these rainouts.”

In British Columbia a few weeks ago, “Geiger counters were going off the scale” according to Gundersen who added that the “only conclusion you could come to was industrial burning in Japan.”

Proving government wrong calls for citizenry participation

“I’m working with scientists to definitively prove what the government health officials say is wrong,” Gundersen stated, adding that the public can help do that.

He said that, “now with lots of citizens having Geiger counters,” they can help with the new study by wiping a surface one meter by one meter with a cloth after a rainout, and placing that cloth under the Geiger counter.

“If you get a positive reading on the cloth, I’d like to see the cloth,” he said.

Gundersen advises people taking samples to note the location and time the sample was taken, and to wrap the sample in a triple layer of foil before mailing it to Fairwinds.

Brian Rich stated about Gundersen and his wife, Maggie, “Meeting Arnold Gundersen and his wife Maggie only opened my eyes to the dangers our country and civilization face because of decisions made decades ago and the lies created to further the nuclear agenda.”

“Their constant truthful testimony against the nuclear industry… should be a real awakening to the public at large.”


Learn more by doing: Contact Gundersen through Fairwinds for further instructions about helping with the research: See ENENEWS Energy News for regular radiation updates from Fukushima and United States nuclear power plants.

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  1. Please, sign the food safety petition at this link and comment on the FDA petition to increase the number of people seen as concerned about this issue.
    With the lack of press coverage people are not hearing about this issue so please, spread the word!

    Comment by William Saenz | August 23, 2013 | Reply

  2. It’s not only the Americans who get the fallout, it’s the entire Northern Hemisphere! Stop focusing on single countries, this is a global catastrophe, an ELE, happening right now, wake up people!!

    Comment by MsJustice 4ever | August 24, 2013 | Reply

  3. ☢ Fukushima Petitions to Sign & Share! ☢
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    Comment by SusanS | September 10, 2013 | Reply

  4. nothing our govt does surprises me anymore. Every morning a dozen EPISD school buses pick up kids f Juarez @ the U.S. x Mx Bridge dntn. Next thing rice f Japan will be on the school menu.

    Comment by Sbeal | September 7, 2015 | Reply

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