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“Who Could Trust Such A Company?” – The Big Fat Lies About Radiation Exposure Of Workers At Fukushima

Friday, July 19, 2013 at 7:30PM

The nuclear fiasco playing out relentlessly in Japan since March 2011 has shaken the previously omniscient and omnipotent nuclear industry – and the government agencies that aided and abetted it. Yet they still obfuscate and minimize the consequences of the triple melt-down of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi. Latest revelation: the number of workers at the plant who had cancer-inducing radiation doses in thyroid glands from inhaling radioactive substances during the early stages of the crisis was elven times higher than disclosed last December.

Not 178 workers, as TEPCO, the bailed out and now partially state-controlled owner of the nuke had said, but 1,973 workers, as the Asahi Shimbun has “learned.”

Despite its erstwhile omniscience and omnipotence, TEPCO has been publically baffled by an endless series of mishaps, surprises, and occurrences that left it mostly helpless. For example, in mid-March, it disclosed that a month earlier (!), a greenling with 740,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram had been caught near the plant. That’s 7,400 times the government’s food safety limit, highest ever measured by TEPCO’s testing program. The prior record-breaking TEPCO fish had 510,000 becquerels. And they’re all part of the food chain.

Then, early last week, researchers determined that several Japanese sea bass caught off the coast of Hitachi, a city about 60 miles south of the plant – halfway toward Tokyo – had radioactive cesium levels of 1,037 becquerels per kilogram, over ten times the government’s food safety limit. It was the first time since April 2011 that such high levels of contamination had been found in that region. The researchers claimed they had no clue why this mega-dose was now showing up again, over two years after the accident.

Alas, cesium-134 and cesium-137 in groundwater at the plant suddenly started soaring in early July. When measured on July 8, levels were 90 times higher than those found on July 5 and reached 200 times the legal limit for groundwater. TEPCO was baffled. “It is unclear whether the radioactive water is leaking into the sea,” a company official said.

On June 19, TEPCO had already admitted that groundwater contamination of highly toxic, radioactive strontium-90, a by-product of the fission of uranium and plutonium, had increased by more than 100 times between December and May; and that the level of radioactive tritium, a somewhat less harmful substance, had increased by 17 times. And when the cesium levels were spiking in early July, it admitted in the same breath that tritium levels in seawater had soared to 2,300 becquerels per liter, the highest ever detected, and more than double the contamination measured two weeks earlier.

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Russian prosecutor savages NGOs as Putin tries guide him to safer political ground


“The political field in which political parties exist has been purged,” said Nikitin. “Now they are purging the field in which NGOs operate, because these might inspire some kind of revolutionary threat.”

Charles Digges,


In a heated attack on civil society movements during a televised meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, General Prosecutor Yury Chaika slammed 215 NGOS he says have run afoul of the law by receiving foreign funding and not registering as foreign agents.


Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika (right) meets with President Vladimir Putin to discuss the enforcement of Russia’s new NGO law.

The Duma passed the controversial “foreign agent” amendments to Russia’s NGO law last July.  They entered force in November, requiring all NGO groups that receive foreign funding and engage in vaguely defined “political activities” to register with the Russian Justic Ministry as foreign agents, a term pregnant with Cold War connotations of spying.

Critics also complained that political activity is so sloppily defined that it could be against any NGO.  Indeed, even a Siberian bird sanctuary has been warned it is functioning as a foreign agent.

Unexpected invective

Chaika’s blustery verbiage was surprising as it followed by less that a week public remarks by Putin wherein – for the second time since late June – he sided with rights activists who want the law amended to make NGOs that do not engage into politics exempt from it.

Chaika went on further to say in his Tuesday meeting that some 2000 NGOs through Russia has received some 24 billion rubles ($1 billion) in funding from abroad, seemingly corroborating remarks made by Putin in March to a German Television station.  

But Chaika, noted Alexander Nikitin, chairman of the Environment and Rights Center (ERC) Bellona, went on to clarify that this supposed bonanza of financing for NGOs was a combination of Russian and foreign funding sources – contradicting Putin’s precipitous assertion in Germany that all the money was coming from other countries.

This was something of an embarrassment for the president, who had in March insisted his $1 billion figure in foreign assistance was a matter of record with the Prosecutor General.

Dissention in the ranks

There are also strong undercurrents with the Kremlin that the foreign agent law is rife with imperfections that are now becoming all the more glaring, and which threaten to alienate many of Putin’s most indispensible allies, Nikitin said.

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By Arclight2011part2

22 July 2013

In the course of my research i was contacted by another blogger who claimed that the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association had no contact with Professor Chris Busby. And he was using this to say that therefore Chris Busby had no grounds to do what he was doing.

On further investigation of this claim i visited the web site of the BNTV and discovered that the latest reports on the legal challenges at the court were not even reported on this website in a clear and concise manner.

I found a reference to the UK veterans dated the 8th July 2013 that linked to the BBC

Here is a quote to the only mention of the veterans

“After his return he developed a cataract in his right eye and for much of his life he has been trying, and failing, to get compensation from the Ministry of Defence for what he alleges was harmful exposure to radiation during his military service”

They did have a link to a 140 page report on this;

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ionising Radiation Pension Tribunal Results

And at Page 33 to 35 we see that Busby`s evidence is dismissed . The case was lost because much of Chris Busbies vital evidence was withheld and cherry picked to ensure the case would be lost(ref Kay Batterby video below).

On Page 130 part of the conclusion says that rare metal toxicity need large epidemiological studies..
And yet we know the 2013 WHO report on depleted uranium damage is being stopped from  being published  and RT has had its video hacked today when they tried reporting another damming report on depleted uranium.
So the report is designed to stop the case for the depleted weaponry damage to unborn children and adults alike. The Insurance companies and their legal friends must be quaking in their boots.. Think of the financial loses compensating an ever increasing amount of  nuclear victims? The Insurance companies would go bust!
And behind all good Insurance underwriters.. the security services with their shiny new internet control toys..
So do MI5 and MI6 have undue power?

Ex-boss of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove ‘has his own Iraq dossier’

17:15 Sunday 21 July 2013


Sir Richard Dearlove, master of Pembroke College Sir Richard Dearlove, master of Pembroke College

A former head of MI6 who is now the master of a Cambridge University college has revealed he is writing an account of the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Sir Richard Dearlove, who has been master of Pembroke College since he stepped down as ‘C’ in 2004, told the Mail on Sunday his memoir was intended to be a resource available to scholars after his death.

But Sir Richard, 68, suggested release of the account “may be sooner” depending on the findings of the Chilcot Inquiry into decisions which were taken ahead of the British government’s decision to go to war.

Depleted uranium used by US forces blamed for birth defects and cancer in Iraq

“We went to Fallujah and we found the levels of cancer. We looked at the parents of children with congenital malformation and we did analysis of their hair to see what was inside their hair that might be genotoxic, that might be the sort of thing that can cause congenital malformation. The only thing that we found was uranium. We found uranium in the mothers of the children with congenital malformations,”

July 22, 2013


Cancer is more common than flu in the Iraqi city of Najaf,

If you watch the video with Kay Battersby`s witness statement at 19.36 approx….

Kay clearly says that Hogan Lovells threatened to withdraw their legal support to an elderly and sick man if she insisted that the  well proven evidence of Chris Busby was used.
She trusted Hogan Lovells to make good and at that late stage had no other options.

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Depleted uranium used by US forces blamed for birth defects and cancer in Iraq

“We went to Fallujah and we found the levels of cancer. We looked at the parents of children with congenital malformation and we did analysis of their hair to see what was inside their hair that might be genotoxic, that might be the sort of thing that can cause congenital malformation. The only thing that we found was uranium. We found uranium in the mothers of the children with congenital malformations,”

July 22, 2013


Cancer is more common than flu in the Iraqi city of Najaf, a local medics told RT. While doctors say the government discourages them from talking openly to the press on the disease, local families are scared of having more kids with birth defects.

Screenshot from RT video


Rates of leukemia and birth defects “rose dramatically” due to use of depleted uranium by the US military since 2003 invasion.

“After the start of the Iraq war, rates of cancer, leukemia and birth defects rose dramatically in Najaf. The areas affected by American attacks saw the biggest increases. We believe it’s because of the’ illegal’ weapons like depleted uranium that were used by the Americans. When you visit the hospital here you see that cancer is more common than the flu,” Dr. Sundus Nsaif tells RT’s Lucy Kafanov while talking on the rooftop of her house in Najaf, instead of her laboratory. Why the secrecy? As she reveals, there’s an active push by the government perhaps not to embarrass the coalition forces, not to really talk about this issue.

RT crew went to the city of Najaf about 160 km south of Baghdad that saw one of the most severe military actions during the US’s invasion. Now every residential street in several neighborhoods that RT visited has multiple cases of families whose children were ill, families who had lost children who had to bury children, families who had many relatives who were suffering from cancer.

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M.O.D. COVER UP! – Situation update and Plea on behalf of the UK nuclear test veterans

I will be unable to post regularly while i adapt to my new living conditions
please share this article below..
UK Atomic Test Veterans Appeals Betrayal Update from Chris Busby

This is an update to the progress of the Pensions Appeals Tribunals hearing in London in January/ February 2013. Dr Busby predicted in an earlier presentation from Riga that since his expert evidence had been excluded at the last minute by the Lawyers who were representing the veteran appellants, the cases would be lost……….

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Millions Of Gigabytes Collected Daily UNDERWATER By US, England

I have just spent ages trying to post a Chris Busby video.. You Tube refuses to let this video that is home made become a creative commons licence. thereby, stopping the easy sharing of the video amongst the you tube blogging community that is interested in our armed forces well being.

Cenk Uygur breaks down how the internet can be tamed ,, as Cenk says “they would never abuse it….”?

This is the “illlegal” video link

And this is Cenk explaining how it works (Thank you GCHQ) Arclight2011part2


Published on 17 Jul 2013

“In the early 1970’s, the U.S. government learned that an undersea cable ran parallel to the Kuril Islands off the eastern coast of Russia, providing a vital communications link between two major Soviet naval bases. The problem? The Soviet Navy had completely blocked foreign ships from entering the region.”*

Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more:…

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