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Japan to store the nuclear waste of Iraq and Vietnam!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

japan nuclear waste earthquake tsunami

Japan is responsible for nuclear waste of Iraq and Vietnam! 売り込んだ原発の放射性廃棄物は日本が全部引き受けることになっている!


Japanese Language only 

 Japan is going to export nuclear power to Iraq and Vietnam with condition that Japan is going to have their nuclear waste. 

(Editor’s note)
How on earth Prime Minister Abe is going to solve the problem of nuclear waste of other countries.  Japan has already accumulated more than  enough nuclear waste from it’s 54 reactors with no solution to deal with it.


Documentary Criticizes Japan’s Export of Nuclear Technology

Japan Daily Press
July 10, 2013

A documentary film that exposes the effect of Japan nuclear technology on a small village in Vietnam will be shown at this year’s Fukuoka Asian Film Festival. Shinobiyoru Genpatsu (“Encroaching Nuclear Power Plant”) is a scathing indictment against the government’s pursuit of exporting nuclear technology to developing countries like Vietnam.

Documentary writer Shinsuke Nakai visited a coastal village called Thai An in central Vietnam where a nuclear plant will be built soon, with Japan lending its technology and experience. The residents of the village, whose population is around 2,000, told the filmmaker that they were not properly informed about the dangers of nuclear power and its serious consequences, as evidenced by the 2011 nuclear meltdown in Fukushima.

The nuclear plant to be built is part of an agreement between the two nations, signed in 2010, wherein Japanese contractors will build two nuclear reactors in Vietnam. The village head was invited by the Japanese to view a nuclear power plant and he was showed that the reactors are “sealed” and are quite safe. The villagers will only be relocating 1 kilometer from where the plant will be built. Construction is scheduled to begin sometime next year.

Nakai also filmed the residents of Fukushima who were forced to evacuate and until now are displaced due to the expected fallout from the meltdown. The film attempts to show the difference and similarities between the two communities. It has also been screened in western Japan, Tokyo and Nagoya for free.


Image source

Waste Adding to Japan’s Nuclear Crises Following Quake

15 March 2011


“.. The Unit 4 reactor at the facility was not operating at the time of the tsunami, however its backup power systems failed afterward, preventing cooling systems from working properly.

According to CBS, on Tuesday 15th of March nuclear officials at the site reported that the waste storage pool in the Unit 4 reactor had indeed caught fire and that “radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere”.

The fire has been extinguished, however it is expected that the cooling water will continue to boil for a considerable time. However, officials have downplayed the possibility of the fuel rods – that are encased in safety containers – resuming nuclear reactions.

This is not the first time the earthquakes have played havoc with Japan’s nuclear waste. In 2007 the mayor of Kashiwazaki ordered the seven-reactor Kashiwazaki-Kariwa station – the world’s largest by output – to be temporarily shut following a quake measuring 6.8. The incident saw low level nuclear waste spilled into the sea after some 400 barrels were tipped over…”


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  1. Japan blatantly shows urging to stockpile large quantity of Nuclear War Heads. Is it for revenging America ?

    Comment by john | July 23, 2013 | Reply

  2. Vietnam should not trust the Japanese, they will refuse to accept the nuclear waste in the future when they have problems. Don’t forget those motherfuckers indirectly killed 1.5 million Vietnamese by starvation during the short period they were there during WW2.

    Comment by philstrawman | November 21, 2013 | Reply

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