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Mona Polacca-13 “Grandmothers” – Talks about Uranium mining concerns at the Grand Canyon

Antonie Frank
Journalist/ Film critic
14 july 2013
Mona Polacca is one of 13 “Grandmothers” from thirteen indigenous peoples who have come to Sweden to spread the message of nature and of human rights.

“The international council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers” is in Stockholm to share their wisdom and community. They were formed in the U.S. in 2004. They meet a few times each year to gather for council. Now it’s time for a conference in Stockholm. They recently came from Almedalen where they invited to discuss a sustainable community that is built through respect for future generations and natural rights. We must protect our planet, and on “Mother Earth” they say.

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They are 13 enhanced women full of life experience, several of them have PhDs. Mona Polacca, Arizona in justice issues and is the spokesperson for the indigenous cause in the UN. Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt) California, one of the founders of the group holds a doctorate in psychology. Flordemayo, New Mexico, lectures at universities and conferences.

During the day they will call the council and protect the lives of future generations. A number of workshops will be held on medicinal plants, indigenous languages ​​and prophecies. There will also be a youth conference called “Burning opinions.”

“13 indigenous grandmothers’ struggle against injustice and committed to the environment.

They discuss mining, water and air pollution and human rights. Our planet will be enough for seven generations ahead, they say. They cherish the knowledge that mothers, grandmothers transmitted through the ages to the next generations. These “Grandmothers” is between 60 and 90 years, and carries over a thousand years of women’s wisdom.

Rita Pitka Blumenstein Yup’ik, “grandmother”, born on a fishing boat and raised in Tununuk Alaska celebrates his 90th birthday on the day I visit the conference. There will be singing with and Grandmother Mona Polacca at the ceremony site. The atmosphere is warm and caring.

Later that evening, I get the opportunity to do an interview with Mona Polacca from Hopi-Havasupai/Tewa from Arizona. She is also the spokesperson of the UN for indigenous peoples.

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Political surveillance cannot be justified – Netpol statement on Police Spying.

i have been attacked by hacking and finacial manipulation rendering me homeless and jobless.. was it worth it? HELL YES!! Can we do something about it? HELL YES!!


Recent revelations about undercover policing have shown that a number of legal and political campaigns and organisations, including the Newham Monitoring Group, a partner organisation in Netpol, have been subject to covert surveillance operations.

While the police are keen to dismiss criticism as being merely an historic issue, applying to a bygone era, Netpol sees no reason to believe that things have improved in recent years. The covert policing of dissent still lacks any effective internal accountability mechanism or means of independent/public scrutiny.

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Success for Chinese anti nuclear protestors, as government scraps plans for uranium processing plant

protest-China-2013China cancels $6 billion uranium plant after protest   SATURDAY JUL 13, 2013  |  CHEN AIZHU, QI DING FOR REUTERS  BEIJING (Reuters) – China has abruptly canceled plans to build its largest uranium processing plant in a southern Chinese city, a day after hundreds of protesters took to the streets demanding the project be scrapped, a local government website said on Saturday.

 The proposed 230-hectare complex in the heart of China’s Pearl River delta industrial heartland in Guangdong province had also sparked unease in neighboring Hong Kong and Macau.

Authorities in the gambling enclave had formally raised the issue with their Guangdong counterparts, the South China Morning Post reported.

A one-line statement published on the Heshan city government’s website said that “to respect people’s desire, the Heshan government will not propose the CNNC project”.

State-run China National Nuclear Corporation and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp (CGNPC) had planned to build the 37 billion yuan ($6 billion) project.

Officials from both companies could not be reached for comment……..

The surprisingly swift decision to cancel the project came after hundreds marched to city offices on Friday that forced officials to pledge an extension of public consultation by 10 days. Locals had planned more protests on Sunday.

Chinese authorities are becoming increasingly sensitive to local protests over environmental issues, having canceled, postponed or relocated several major petrochemical and metals plants…….

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