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Shadow of the Bomb Art Exhibition – UK Nuclear test veteran awareness

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

John Baron MP helps launch BNTVA recognition campaign

MP highlights art exhibition inspired by nuclear tests
Today in the House of Commons, the British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association (BNTVA) launched their campaign for official recognition by the nation for the contribution made by veterans of the British nuclear testing programme. As Patron of the BNTVA, John sponsored and spoke at the event, which was attended by other MPs, nuclear veterans and their descendents.
The launch also included artwork by artist Gary Bennett, Kathrine Connery (the daughter of a test veteran), and members of the BNTVA. Their work is inspired by the nuclear tests, and aims to portray the mental anguish experienced by British Nuclear Test Veterans and their descendants. It depicts the mental trauma which many service personnel have experienced since participating in the British nuclear tests. A larger exhibition, taking place on Oxford Street and curated by the veterans themselves, and their descendants, will be on display next week – please see below for details.

John said:

“We owe our nuclear test veterans a huge debt of gratitude for their service. This superb exhibition conveys some of the emotions felt by the servicemen during the nuclear tests, and is a fitting accompaniment to our campaign (for official recognition of the veterans’ unique contribution to the defence of the realm) which we are proud to launch today.”

Nige Heaps, Chairman of the BNTVA, said:

This is a fantastic start to our campaign, we have received support from all parties clearly showing that the recognition of the contribution and suffering of our Nuclear Test Veterans is rightly regarded as an issue of national responsibility.
I look forward to the public launch of our Shadow of the Bomb art exhibition, which will raise  awareness of our campaign in the public arena.
Shadow of the Bomb Art Exhibition
The art exhibition, entitled ‘The Shadow of the Bomb’, will take place at 3Space (29-31, Oxford Street, W1D 2DR), and will run from 17th – 21st June. Admission is free, and opening times are as follows:
  • Monday 17th June: 2.00pm-5.00pm, 6.00pm-8.00pm
  • Tuesday 18th June: 11.30am-6.30pm
  • Wednesday 19th June: 11.30am-6.30pm
  • Thursday 20th June: 11.30am 6.30pm
  • Friday 21st June: 11.30am-2.30pm
There will also be an evening reception on Monday 17th from 6pm- 8pm.
For further information please contact Sheena Pankhania at Cratus Communications (, 020 8546  9374).
Guided entry to the exhibition building is available by calling the Exhibition Phoneline 07789455583 if a Guide is not at the front of the building.

“The test veterans’ service was quite unique. When these men took part, the science was largely unknown. Pre-test precautions were primitive and inadequate, and failed to fully protect individuals from the effects of heat, blast shock and ionizing radiation. Many veterans believe their health was adversely affected by these tests.”


“The BNTVA and I recently started a new campaign to establish a Benevolent Fund to support veterans and their descendents, and to obtain official recognition from the Prime Minister of our debt to them. The campaign is warranted because our nuclear test veterans are poorly treated when compared to other countries.”

John said afterwards,

“Today marks the beginning of our recognition campaign for British Nuclear Test Veterans. The campaign is supported by a good number of MPs, and we are hopeful we can secure a worthy settlement for these brave men.”

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Chris Busby challenges nuclear test veterans betrayal in UK courts

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22 June 2013

Research reveals genetic damage to nuclear test veterans

A significant level of genetic damage in the DNA of New Zealand nuclear test veterans has been found in a study by Massey molecular scientists led by Dr Al Rowland.

           Image and quote source –


Nuclear Test Veterans Appeal Pensions Decision: A conspiracy?

Prof. C Busby

…..With Regan as expert, all the cases were automatically lost. That seemed to be the plan. But even if there was some astounding innocent explanation, that is what happened….

….Indeed, the UK end of Hogan Lovells lists on the website as a past client, the UK Treasury Solicitor, the very person who is defending the appeals for the Ministry of Defence….

….The plan appears to have been that Hogan Lovells would cut out Busby at the last possible minute before the hearing and not tell any of the appellants they were doing this….

15th June 2013.

Those Atomic Test Veterans who have been involved in legal actions in the UK appear to have been betrayed in 2013 by their own agents, the Royal British Legion and their solicitors the US firm Hogan Lovells International LLC. The case was a combined hearing in London for Ionising Radiation Pensions Appeals for 16 veterans of the UK Atomic Tests in Australia and Christmas Island. It was a key event in the saga of the Atomic Test Veterans and their need to show that these tests affected them and their children and grandchildren. Dr Busby outlines the history of the betrayal in a presentation from Riga here:

In this Youtube outline of the situation, Dr Busby explained that he would be putting all the paperwork on the Green Audit website, and that of the Low Level Radiation Campaign

These appeals were questioning earlier decisions not to grant a pension for illnesses and conditions cause by exposure to radiation at the Test sites. The government case was that the vets received very low doses and no effects could be predicted. Busby’s argument was that for internal radiation and Uranium the doses were unmeasurable and that “dose” itself is an unsafe concept for internal exposure.

Dr Busby was involved as an expert commissioned by Rosenblatts Solicitors in the substantive veterans case against the Ministry of Defence from 2008. But as far as the appeals cases were concerned, where the burden of proof is far smaller (raising reasonable doubt) by 2010, Dr Busby had already won a number of cases for the veterans (e.g. see decisions for Colin Duncan, John Cammish), and at that point had produced new reports for three cases which were due to be heard individually. These were for Dawn Pritchard, Derek Hatton and Mary Williams who all asked him to act as expert witness for them (by 2013, when the case was eventually heard, the first two had died).  In 2010 all the outstanding cases were ordered to be heard together.

Because of his earlier successes, he was commissioned by the Test Vets then solicitors, Rosenblatts, to prepare composite reports for the 16 outstanding veterans appeals. This he did. By the end of 2012 he had provided more than 12 reports to the Tribunal for the composite case. Also by the end of 2012 Busby had obtained access through Freedom of Information requests to a number of reports which had been hidden by the Ministry of Defence.

These included evidence from photographs taken at Christmas Island that the Grapple Y bomb had sucked up enormous amounts of sea water which rained out as black rain. The black rain was black because the bomb, according to a top secret document, was made of 4 tons Uranium.

It was the Uranium particles that were the most likely cause of the cancer and other health problems in the veterans and the genetic damage and malformations in their children and grandchildren. This was exactly like the uranium effects in Iraq and in the Gulf War veterans and their children.

But this evidence had to be excluded by the UK government which is beginning to have to fight Depleted Uranium cancer cases also. Something had to be done, and it was. In December 2012 Rosenblatts in a sudden and very peculiar move pulled out of the case thought they retained two appellants.

This meant a gap which was promptly filled by a Washington based firm, Hogan Lovells International, a firm which had a history of representing the establishment, and pharmaceutical industry in court (check on wikepedia). Indeed, the UK end of Hogan Lovells lists on the website as a past client, the UK Treasury Solicitor, the very person who is defending the appeals for the Ministry of Defence.

Hogan Lovells said that they would do this work for nothing, pro bono, but they actually received £47500 in legal aid. A letter to Don Battersby, one appellant, who applied for the legal aid is available.   Battersby was in fact the strongest case of all, but his case was lost by Hogan Lovells.

The plan appears to have been that Hogan Lovells would cut out Busby at the last possible minute before the hearing and not tell any of the appellants they were doing this. If Busby complained to the veterans themselves, there would be no time for any appellant to remedy this, and if they did try to, they would be (and were ) bullied into compliance.

Hogan Lovells were to enlist another physicist as expert witness, one Prof Paddy Regan, a man who has no experience of radiation and health and no publications in this area, but critically, for losing the case, a man whose evidence supported the current radiation risk model and which related nothing about Uranium effects.  Image

With Regan as expert, all the cases were automatically lost. That seemed to be the plan. But even if there was some astounding innocent explanation, that is what happened.

But we never give up. Having contacted some of the appellants, Busby got in touch with a legal team he has worked with in the past in various cases. The key to an appeal under the relevant Acts is that it has to be a Point of Law to succeed. There may in fact be a Point of Law. It is that the tribunal had all of Busby’s evidence, all 12 reports, but did not refer to them or discuss them in the Judgement (strictly, the Decision).  So the judge could write things in the Decision which he knew were falsified by the evidence before him. How can this be?

Now this may sound crazy, and it is crazy, but the situation in English Law is that a judge does not have to consider any evidence which is not relied on by the opposing parties. What?! Yes that is apparently true. Let us see two examples. The first is the Decision in this case. The second is a thought experiment……

Continue reading

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Youtube San Onofre nuclear plant shut-down – what it means for the nuclear industry

TV: Expert believes shut down of Calif. nuke plant is one of most significant events in history of nuclear energy — Industry very concerned about more citizen action to close down reactors (VIDEO)

 Title: Nuclear waste sits at shut down plant
Source: Russia Today
Author: Ramon Galindo
Date: June 11, 2013
h/t onthewaytoextinction RT: Gundersen believes the shut down is one of the most significant events in the history of nuclear energy.

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer: The industry is very concerned that now citizens realize that they can do it, there may be more citizen action to shut down more nuclear plants. Watch the broadcast here

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Podcast about Fukushima children

podcastSmAUDIO  About This Podcast On today’s podcast, Maggie and Nat interview our very inspiring friend Yumi Kikuchi.  Fairewinds has been working with Yumi for more than a year now. She encouraged us to send material to the Tokyo Peace Film Festival, which she organized, and we sent our film “You are not alone.” Yumi also co-sponsored Arnie’s trip to Japan in 2012, where he gave the presentation “Japan at a Crossroads: Two Futures.” Yumi left Japan with her family after the Fukushima Daiichi accident, and currently lives in Hawaii. She founded the Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project (FKHP), usually shortened to Fukushima Kids, and has just returned to Japan where she will be spreading awareness about the project and fundraising.  Fukushima Kids aims to host children from Fukushima in Hawaii during school vacations, where they can play outdoors safe from high radiation levels. Children are more vulnerable to the effects of radiation than adults, and we are already seeing signs of thyroid cancer and cysts among children in Fukushima. There are about 300,000 kids living in the Fukushima prefecture, and Yumi is hoping to host 15 kids this first summer.

 Fairewinds: Thyroid data means much more radiation must have come out of Fukushima reactors than anyone reported — Medical professionals are talking about how many cancers have started showing up (AUDIO)

Title: Fukushima Kids with Yumi Kikuchi
Source: Fairewinds Energy Education
Date: Jun 19, 2013
Maggie Gundersen, founder of Fairewinds Energy Education: We’re also working with different medical professionals who are talking about how many thyroid cancers have started showing up.

After an accident of the magnitude of Fukushima Daiichi, the thyroid readings that they’re getting now at two years should have been something around 5 years.

So that must mean that much more radiation came out than anyone suspected […] or at least reported.
Full program available here

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Hanford radioactive cleanup $billions over budget

Hanford 2011see-this.wayNuclear waste clean-up delayed and billions over budget

  CBS News: Worry about explosion of unstable radioactive material at U.S. nuclear site — “We don’t understand the chemical reactions” -Safety Manager (VIDEO) Title: Nuclear waste clean-up delayed and billions over budget

Source: CBS News
Reporter: Carter Evans
Date: June 19, 2013 
h/t Anonymous tip

Little is known about what was put in the tanks and how it’s changed since the 1940s. [Donna Busche, a manager of environmental and nuclear safety at Hanford,]  is worried it’s unstable and an explosion during clean-up could release radioactive material.

Asked how a treatment facility can be built when it’s unclear what is in the tanks, Busche says, “I think that is the fundamental issue. We don’t understand the chemical reactions, but yet we’re building the plant.”

Similar concerns were raised in a review by the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative agency. It blamed the Department of Energy for building the plant before the design process was complete. As a result, parts of the facility “may not work and may not meet nuclear safety standards,” the report said.
Watch the broadcast here

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Ki Klux Klansmen’s plan to kill Muslims by radiation

secret-agent-SmFlag-USABehind A Klansman’s Plan To Kill Muslims With A Radiation Death Beam TPMMuckraker  ERIC LACH JUNE 20, 2013,  On April 11, 2012, Glendon Crawford — who went by his middle name, Scott — walked into an Albany, N.Y., synagogue and asked if there was anyone around to talk to him about a technology that could be used by Israel to defeat its enemies.

According to a federal court document, Crawford was “denied assistance” at the synagogue. But he was not deterred. That same day, he called up a different Jewish organization — the document does not specify which one beyond saying that it has a facility in Albany — and made a similar overture. Crawford also asked for financial help with his project. The person who took Crawford’s call later told the FBI that they spoke with Crawford for about 10 minutes. On the call, Crawford allegedly said the technology he was talking about could kill Israel’s enemies in their sleep. He also said the technology could be purchased for a significant amount of money.

You may have already heard how this story ended. Crawford, 49, and an associate, Eric Feight, 54, were arrested by the FBI on Tuesday, and both charged with conspiracy to “provide material support, or resources, intending that they be used in preparation for, or in carrying out, a violation of Title 18, U.S.C. § 2332a (use of a weapon of mass destruction).” In layman’s terms, Crawford and Feight were allegedly trying to create a truck-mounted, remote controlled, radiation death beam. According to an FBI affidavit written in support of the criminal complaint and arrest warrants for Crawford and Feight, Crawford specifically identified “Muslims and several other individuals/groups as targets.”

The 65-page affidavit, filed in federal court in Albany on Tuesday, provides numerous details about Crawford and Feight’s activities over the past 14 months……………..  Crawford and Feight both made initial appearances in U.S. District Court in Albany on Wednesday. U.S. Magistrate Christian Hummel told Crawford he would be assigned an attorney, according to The Albany Times-Union.

“Is it going to be the right kind of attorney for this?” Crawford asked the judge.

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VIDEO: Hanford’s radioactive waste crisis

Waste will be leaking into the ground water. It will continue to leak. It’s an urgent problem that must be solved.”

 But engineers have to get this right. It will take 40 years to treat the waste, and during that time, radiation will make parts of the plant inaccessible to humans.

see-this.wayVideo: Nuclear waste clean-up delayed and billions over budget By Carter Evans (CBS News) 19 June 13, The new Secretary of Energy has been on the job only four weeks, but he made a beeline Wednesday to see his biggest headache for himself. Ernest Moniz went to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state.

Hanford made the plutonium for American nuclear weapons from the Manhattan Project in World War II until 1987. Now, highly radioactive waste is leaking, and a project to clean it up has stalled.The clean-up at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation costs U.S. taxpayers $2 billion every year. This winter, engineers discovered six new leaks of radioactive material from underground tanks.

“There’s something on the order of 1,000 gallons a year that are leaking now from these six tanks,” says Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. Continue reading

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Rooftop solar power a boon for Japanese farmers

Japan’s Farmers To Benefit From Rooftop Solar Power 21 June 13,   Japan’s farming sector is making the switch to solar power, with the nation’s agricultural body announcing plans to spend AU$93 million installing 30 megawatts of solar on the rooftops of livestock barns and distribution centres.


The project is the initial phase of a plan by Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (or Zen-Noh, for short), and Mitsubishi, to ultimately provide 200 megawatts of solar power capacity on farming facilities nationwide by the middle of 2015.  Continue reading

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US Congressmen in the dark about USA’s nuclear weapons tally

see-this.wayVIDEO  How Many Nuclear Weapons Does the US Have? Don’t Ask a Congressman By  Jun 21, 2013 As it turns out, some members of Congress don’t know how many nuclear weapons the United States has.

Nukes are back in the news this week after President Obama renewed his call to significantly cut the U.S. arsenal, telling a crowd in Berlin Wednesday that he wants to reduce deployed U.S. and Russian nukes by one-third.

Global Zero, a group that promotes eliminating all nuclear weapons, asked a few lawmakers how many nukes are in the U.S. stockpile. Some said they didn’t know; others gave inaccurate numbers.

The above video includes interviews with Republican Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri; Phil Gingrey of  Georgia; Morgan Griffith of Virginia; Steve Womack of Arkansas; Rob Wittman of Virginia; Tom McClintock of California; Duncan Hunter of California; Mark Amodei of Nevada; Bill Flores of Texas; Democratic Reps. Donald Payne Jr. of New Jersey and John Garamendi of California; and New Progressive Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi.

Global Zero says the United States has 7,700 nuclear warheads, citing a Federation of American Scientists report. The Department of Defense disclosed in 2012 that “as of September 30, 2009, the U.S. stockpile of nuclear weapons consisted of 5,113 warheads.”

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US President’s new guidance on nuclear weapons strategy

FACT SHEET: Nuclear Weapons Employment Strategy of the United States  The White HouseOffice of the Press Secretary, 19 June 13

Today, the President announced new guidance that aligns U.S. nuclear policies to the 21st century security environment.  This is the latest in a series of concrete steps the President has made to advance his Prague agenda and the long-term goal of achieving the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

Following the release of the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and ratification of the New START Treaty, the President directed the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of State, Department of Energy, and the intelligence community, to conduct a detailed analysis of U.S. nuclear deterrence requirements and policy in order to ensure U.S. nuclear posture and plans are aligned to address today’s security environment.  This review was based on the principle that a robust assessment of today’s security environment and resulting Presidential guidance must drive nuclear employment planning, force structure, and posture decisions.

The President’s new guidance: Continue reading

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Dispossession of Aboriginal land for the benefit of mining companies

flag-AustraliaThe Intervention’s extraordinary damage to the Aboriginal sense of control and wellbeing makes it the gravest policy disaster in Australia since the removal of Aboriginal children in the Stolen Generations.

The Australian Government is facilitating this exploitation of mineral wealth as well as directing the major
development contracts not to Aboriginal communities but to those tycoons heading mining companies and construction alliances.


THE WAY AHEAD: The new land grab Tracker, BY JEFF MCMULLEN, JUNE 21, 2013  Neo-liberalism is ahungry beast and this 21st Century strain of capitalism is shaping the agenda for control of Aboriginal lands…..

Australian Government policy is heavily influenced by neo-liberalism through its extraordinary emphasis on managing access for mining companies to resources on Aboriginal lands. This involves controlling
what is still perceived as ‘the Aboriginal problem’ and forcing a social transition from traditional values and Cultural practice to ‘mainstream’ modernism of a particular brand. It also involves displacing many Aboriginal people from their traditional lands and concentrating them in ‘growth towns’……

Now the struggle for Aboriginal land and rights is entering a new phase because of the aggressive global marketing of the resources most essential for a fast growing human population, including water, food,
minerals, energy and the land itself.

To make any sense of the aggression behind most current Indigenous policy in Australia you need to study the impact of neo-liberalism around the globe….. Make no mistake, neo-liberalism is about dispossession. Continue reading

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Utah’s Moab uranium mine created a radioactive wasteland

TV: Western U.S. turned into “radiant wasteland” by nuclear-related facilities
Title: Moab, Utah: Beauty and the Nuclear Feast
Source: KCET
Author: Char Miller
Date: June 19, 2013  

[…] The [uranium] tailings made Moab [Utah] glow — and not in a good way. For nearly 30 years, the various companies that operated the facility dumped ton after ton of the radioactive sandy byproduct into an unlined impoundment area located 750 feet from the river. Over the decades, this Geiger-hot waste, which ultimately totaled 12 million cubic yards, was spread over 130 acres at a depth of more than 80 feet. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), which took over remediation of the site, the tailings “have an average radioactivity of 665 picocuries per gram of radium-226,” and because the center of the monstrous pile has a “high water content…excess water in the pile drains into underlying soils, contaminating the ground water.”

Some the deleterious consequences are revealed in “The American West at Risk,” an illuminating book whose authors pay special attention to the Moab mill. It’s hard to dispute their claim that it ranks “high in the annals of indiscriminate disposal,” for the tailings each day continue to release “an estimated 28,000 gallons of radioactive pollutants and toxic chemicals into the only major river draining the southwestern United States.” […]

The Moab mine, like Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Rocky Flats weapons facility in Colorado, and Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico, helped turn the west into a radiant wasteland. […]
See also: Los Angeles-area Meltdown: Cesium-137 still up to 1,000 times higher than standard — Plutonium also detected — Located between Chatsworth and Simi Valley

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Why you can’t rely on the Worldx Health Organisation or the International Atomic Energy Agency

How the UN works: “know thine enemy” or at least who it is Keith Baverstock University of Eastern Finland, 21 June 13  “………There is therefore an agreement between IAEA and WHO. It covers much  more than issues to do with nuclear power. Many of the aspects are important  for WHO.
Nuclear power is the most important area where there are problems and it is  important to analyse carefully exactly what those problems are.
WHO has the remit to PROTECT public health and ensure quality in health  care – their “health for all” policy:
IAEA has the remit to ensure that nuclear technology is used safely because  they have the mandate to PROMOTE the peaceful use of atomic energy:
As radiation is a very powerful tool in diagnosing and treating disease the two  organisations could be seen as working in harmony, each supporting the  other.
The problem arises when the nuclear technology is NUCLEAR POWER…… IAEA claim, disingenuously, that they do not promote nuclear power but  only assist where it is wanted and ensure that use is not being made
use of the technology to produce weapons. This latter point is why they  fall under the Security Council arm of the UN. I say “disingenuously” because the kind of people that are attracted to work  in IAEA are pro-nuclear in outlook and that inevitably skews the views of  the organisation as a whole, without there being any tangible indication….. .

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The USA’s nuclear triad bombers, ICBMs, and ballistic missile submarines.

Triad And True…Time, By  _ June 21, 2013 How much could be saved by trimming the U.S. nuclear triad…and at what cost to U.S. security?  President Obama’s call this week to cut the U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals by one-third has a certain symmetry to it, given the fact that if war broke out between them, the U.S. would use three different kinds of weapons to rain atomic fire down on the Russians: bombers, land-based missiles, and submarine-launched missiles.

More than 20 years after the Cold War, that’s the way it’s going to stay, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. “The United States will pursue negotiated reductions with Russia,” Hagel said Wednesday in a speech at the University of Nebraska – his alma mater – in Omaha, also the home of the U.S. Strategic Command, which oversees the nation’s strategic nuclear forces. “As we pursue these reductions, let me emphasize three things — three things that will not change. First, the U.S. will maintain a ready and credible deterrent. Second, we will retain a triad of bombers, ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles), and ballistic missile submarines. Third, we will make sure that our nuclear weapons remain safe, secure, ready and effective.”

We will retain a triad of bombers, ICBMs, and ballistic missile submarines.


The nuclear triad is a creation of the Cold War, when the U.S. and Soviet Union were busy building nuclear bombs to destroy one another. Each concluded that having three separate systems to deliver those weapons was key to deterrence. It meant that a surprise attack on the other side’s nuclear forces would be complicated to the point of futility.

But the Cold War is over, and debate over the U.S. triad has heated up because all three of its legs need to be modernized: new bombers and submarines costing perhaps $100 billion or more are on the drawing boards, and the Air Force is spending $7 billion to update its Minuteman missiles, with plans to replace them after 2030. And just what potential foe out there has the means – never mind the desire — to wipe out even a single leg of the U.S. nuclear force?

With the Pentagon budget in decline, amputating a leg of the triad would surely save money. But the dollars are tough to nail down, and spread among hundreds of U.S. government accounts. Figuring out precisely how much might be saved is challenging: triad boosters tend to minimize the cost ($10 billion annually to operate!), while those eager to jettison nuclear weapons tend to maximize them (more like $56 billion when you include the cost of replacing the aging systems used to actually deliver them!). It’s a safe bet the truth is somewhere in-between. …


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UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority doesn’t know what to finally do with nuclear wastes

No plan to dump nuclear waste Bill Hamilton The Guardian,   22 June 2013 As a public body, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has a duty to deliver value for money. Moreover, all nuclear site operators have a regulatory requirement to optimise site operations. There is no proposal to “dump” radioactive waste at Bradwell or at any other NDA-owned site (Only way is Essex – nuclear waste row, 17 June). Our first decommissioning priority is hazard reduction, which includes the safe, secure and environmentally responsible interim storage of intermediate level waste (ILW) until geological disposal becomes available.Currently, the plan is to build an interim storage facility at each Magnox reactor site to store the ILW from that site. A number of interim stores have already been constructed, with several more stores planned. In the interests of value for money to the taxpayer, we are exploring whether there is a business case for reducing the number of new stores that need to be built. There could also be environmental benefits from building fewer stores. The option of storing ILW from a small number of other sites at Bradwell, which already has an ILW store, is one of a number of options under consideration.

Our intention to explore the potential benefits of building fewer interim storage facilities was first made public in our strategy published in 2011, on which we engaged widely and consulted publicly. We are engaging openly and transparently with stakeholders on the options under consideration and will consult on our preferred option(s) at the appropriate time. Furthermore, any decision that requires a change to existing storage plans will require consultation and local planning permission.

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