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Jeremy Rifkin worries about the end of human civilization – May 23 2013.

Published on May 24, 2013

Rifkin: “This is the moment of decision”. Global temperatures might rise up to 6 degrees by the end of the century. He made his remarks during a speech for “The Solar Future” congress in Eindhoven, May 23 2013. Source:

Get Abstract Summary of “The Third Industrial Revolution” by Jeremy Rifkin

by smiller173

The Third Industrial Revolution

by Jeremy Rifkin

Palgrave Macmillan © 2013


Changing buildings into “micropower plants” – Existing fossil fuel or nuclear energy power plants concentrate energy production at a few sites and distribute power from those centralized points, as do large wind farms or solar parks. But alternatives exist: Society must rethink its building practices so that each home, office and factory produces energy on-site using green energy sources. For instance, General Motors’s factory in Aragon, Spain, generates enough electricity from its rooftop solar plant for 4,600 households. This democratized power production reduces waste and creates jobs.


[Arclight2011 note]

Concerning this point from the link;
“… Now most cars run on fossil fuel, but that is changing. By 2030, “charging points” for electric cars and fuel cell cars will be pervasive, and, by 2040, electricity will power three-quarters of all “light-duty vehicle miles traveled.” Such conveyances will help further democratize power creation and distribution, since some designs also will be able to send electricity back to the grid…”
Electricity could be chemically derived instead of having to use more toxic and complicated energy sources that are much less efficient than the Aluminium fuel cell, unfortunately MI5 and the French equivalent has stopped this development;

An Aluminium Fuel Cell – Why Is UK government Blocking It?

Update: at the end of the video where the video audio becomes mysteriously corrupted as the conversation turned to the advice from the business advisor’s that he went to see.

The statement that he got from these financiers was that the UK government will only support “electrically rechargeable” batteries. Meaning, “only that can be charged with nuclear power or a another type of Grid

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