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– 22 April 2013 – Dungeness B – Netherlands hit?

This has been going on for a month .. releasing alpha and beta particles/gases.. hitting the Netherlands… winds on coast fair but inland wind is low hence the risk of pollution buildup..

I advise that you check your local pollution alerts and open your windows to let the gases etc blow through and not collect.. same procedure for radon.. open your doors and windows imo.. unless Dungeness B melts down/through/out

The gieger was clicking away merrily during the early hours.. I decided to do a video and got a 0.75 mcSv/h spike. Since i did this video the range has been 0.05 mcSv/h to 0.19 mcSv/h .. The average is 0.11 to 0.12 mcSv/h  … the range is larger than normal..  the average should be 0.09 to 0.10 (since the releases of the Budapest isotope institutes reactor in 2011 after Fukushima)

Low level wind chart (you can check the historical weather patterns too!) the winds are blowing toward the netherlands.. inland european air is still leaving a chance for this pollution to collect in homes over time..

Click on EURDEP public map and click “I accept”  choose the different isotopes on the menu on the right of the map.

UK Dungeness B nuclear plant- Katie Price ex, Peter Andre’s beach walk in radiation! and related shocking new scientific term “potato syndrome” = 850 bequerels/litre!!

Update Gieger reading

Cleaner air in London – A musical gieger interlude in CPM minor!

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