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UK Dungeness B nuclear plant- Katie Price ex, Peter Andre’s beach walk in radiation! and related shocking new scientific term “potato syndrome” = 850 bequerels/litre!!

Medium sized potato from the Lebanon


Thursday, April 18, 2013​Peter Andre was filming in Dungeness for ITV series

A RADIOACTIVE substance has been found to be leaking out of Dungeness B power station – the recent filming location for singer Peter Andre.

Owner EDF Energy says there is no threat to staff or the public, but an independent nuclear expert has said he “would be concerned”.

Elevated levels of tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen produced by nuclear fission, were found at three boreholes during routine testing of the groundwater around the site.

Just last month singer Peter Andre and his crew came to the tip of Dungeness to shoot footage with his Lamborghini at the boardwalk and the new lighthouse, for a new ITV series.

The Environment Agency and water authorities have now been informed and an investigation is under way at the power station.

Readings taken in September and December 2012 showed levels of tritium at 850 Becquerels per litre (Bq/l). The Environment Agency investigation level is 100Bq/l.

A spokesman for EDF Energy said: “Work is well under way to resolve this issue and the Environment Agency and Office for Nuclear Regulation site inspectors are being kept informed.

“The environmental impact is negligible and there is no risk to the public or our employees.

“Tritium levels in boreholes on the station boundary have been confirmed to be at background levels, and the local water company has confirmed the local water system is unaffected.”

But independent nuclear expert John Large said: “I would be concerned, they have clearly gone over their statutory limit – it’s eight times over the certified limit.”

He said the investigation will need to find out the rate of decay, which could be up to 120 years, and where the water will have dispersed to over that time.

An Environment Agency spokeswoman said they had been informed in September and December 2012 about the elevated levels or tritium in groundwater.

She added: “Dungeness B is a significant distance from any boreholes used for drinking water abstraction. As a precaution, the local water authority has been informed. EDF is conducting an investigation into the source of the tritium.”

The World Health Organisation’s guideline level for the maximum amount of tritium in drinking water is 10,000 Bq/l.

In addition to being a by-product of nuclear fission, tritium occurs naturally in the environment and the EDF spokesman said there was no risk to public health, adding:

….”Drinking two litres of water containing the peak concentration of 850Bq/l of tritium would result in less than 0.1 per cent of the average annual radiation dose per person in the UK, equivalent to eating two medium-sized baked potatoes every day for a year.”……

(Potatoes??    Warning! Just 2 a day can kill !! Arclight2011)

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