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Japan- Allegations of General Election Fraud on Dec. 16, 2012 come to light!


Source: Allegations of General Election Fraud on Dec. 16, 2012 in Japan

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won the majority of votes though they only had 14% of the vote.  The new Government started on Dec. 26, 2012, and the media said one of the reasons why LDP won was that there were too many new parties that support a nuclear free society.

Therefore none of them got enough support from citizens who want a nuclear free society. However there have been so many reports from the general public through twitter and blogs on allegations of election rigging in the last one month.

Lots of voting places closed 1-4 hours earlier without any notice.  Normally in Japan about 60% of the population goes to vote but this time so many people said there were very long queues outside the building. 85% of the nation doesn’t want nuclear energy, yet none of the political parties that support a nuclear free society did not do well.  This does not sound right.

Stock Performance Chart for Musashi Co., Ltd.


Furthermore one company called MUSASHI CO., LTD dealt with the whole election: from counting votes to publicity; there is speculation that this company has something to do with nuclear power.

Finally a written complaint of election fraud was submitted to the Tokyo High Court on Jan. 14th, 2013 and was accepted.  I hope justice will be done before next general election this summer.

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 I posted this correction in my blog.

Correction: 14% to 16.4%  I would like to apologize that I didn’t explain well and got figure slightly wrong.  Here is what I wanted to say: Even LDP won the election but it didn’t have majority support from the nation.  You will find a good explanation in this Japanese blog:

Japanese media says LDP won the election by gaining 43% of votes and got 79% of legislative seats.  However it should say LDP won the election and got 73% of legislative seats by only getting 16.4% of all voters and 27.7% of proportional representation.

According to this blog:

LDP small electoral district 43%

voter turnout 59.3%

proportional representation 27.7% of the vote

No. of votes obtained 16350,000

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  1. This helps to explain why people would elect the pro nuke knuckleheads of the LDP. If true, but I don’t doubt it, surely, these people are as evil and corrupt as it gets. Also, as a professor from Sophia Univ. pointed out, the LDP led people to believe they were more ambivalent about nuclear power, but once elected went for the jugular and proclaimed they wanted all reactors restarted asap. Further, we have the infiltration of the anti nuke movement by pro nukers such as a professor from Takachiho University who guides anti nuke activists to “join hands with the LDP”! Har. Might as well join hands with the Devil Himself. Thank you for this important news item.

    Comment by Richard Wilcox | January 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. “Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won the majority of votes though they only had 14% of the vote. ”

    Could you tell me what “14% of the vote ” is?

    2012 12-16 general elecrion in Japan

    LDP small electoral district   25,643,309 /59,626,566 (43%)
      proportional representation  16,624,657/60,179,888 (27,6%)

    voter turnout 59,32%

    Comment by yaya | January 21, 2013 | Reply

  3. We sued the Japanese government (Election Committees).
    The media never cover our lawsuits because they are corrupt and part of the fraud.

    As long as I know, there are at least six parties, including us, who did the same; three to Tokyo High Court; one to Osaka; one to Fukuoka; and another one to Sendai High Court.

    We strongly believe there WAS such a large-scale, organizational electoral fraud that many Japanese voters feel or believe the election held last month was a big fake and fraud that we can never overlook.

    Please share and spread this news among as many people, website, or whatever, as possible because we need supports from overseas as well as domestic voters in Japan.

    Comment by joba | January 26, 2013 | Reply

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