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WHO and IAEA cover up – Namie-machi and Iidate villages not warned about the high radiation

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In my previous post it says “The WHO report put the maximum whole-body radiation dose per person in the first four months of the crisis at 50 millisieverts”

It was in fact well over 100mSv/y.!!

This September, after one year and half, Fukushima government and Tepco finally revealed the radiation level of area near Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant at the time of the accident 

Highest point in Futaba-machi was 1590 uSv per hour (=13,928 mSv per year!) at 3pm before 1st explosion at reactor 1 on March 12, 2012.  

The level was so high that being there for 40 minutes would expose you to the annual radiation dosage limit.  Citizens within 10km radius of Daiichi nuclear power plant were evacuated in early morning on the day but not everybody managed to evacuate before vent was carried at reactor 1around 9am.  Mr. Hirose, journalist and been a main figure of anti nuclear campaign in Japan commented in his lecture that we should review evidence of the high radiation level and the evacuation situation.

While central and Fukushima government, Tepco employees, IAEA members and possibly even Radiation Effects Research Foundation (they were there carrying measuring equipment) with protective gears were collecting samples, local people were staying in the shelter without any protections or safety information.  Also residents in Namie-machi and Iidate village weren’t told the danger of the radiation for several months although it was over 100 uSv/h (=876 mSv/y) in some places.

Although Namie-machi and Iidate village are about 30km away from Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, unfortunately wind blew towards there and became heavily contaminated area. There was an article “Prometheus’ Trap” – “Men in protective cloth” on Asahi Newspapers written by one of residents in Namie-machi. These men were IAEA members.

In this article it says that they had men in protective cloth, visiting every day, measuring the level of radiation.  They were told it was safe although the most of the area in the town was well over 100 mSv/y in March and April 2011. 

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