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Radioactive Japan: Commercial-Use Skim Milk Powder Found with 23 Bq/kg of Radioactive Cesium


The data, photos and the graph are from Security Tokyo, with express permission to reprint.

Item: skim milk power in 1kg bag, commercial use
Manufacturer: Zenrakuren (all-Japan federation of dairy industry)
Manufactured in: Kita Fukuoka Factory in Iwate Prefecture

Iodine-131: ND
Cesium-134: 10 Bq/kg
Cesium-137: 13 Bq/kg
Total cesium: 23 Bq/kg
17,500 seconds precise measurement
Measurement error ±0.3Bq/kg (Cs-137)
Measurement using germanium semiconductor detector with proper calibration

Radioactive cesium has been constantly detected since the nuclear accident last year, albeit in small amounts (usually less than 20 becquerels/kg), from milk and milk products produced in Tohoku and northern Kanto. The cause may be the feed that milk cows eat. Until April 1, 2012, the safety limit for animal feed was 400 becquerels/kg (lower than for humans, which was 500 becquerels/kg). With the new safety limit of 100 becquerels/kg of cesium for humans, the safety limit for animal feed has also been revised down to 100 becquerels/kg.

Skim milk powder is used commercially for baked goods (bread, cookies, etc). It is also used for health supplements.


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  1. Plutonium in NZ milk?

    Comment by bammy | November 25, 2012 | Reply

    • the test only brings up Cs137
      however the ingredients could be from any of the Nafta/TPP countries
      recently, peanuts from america were found with levels of only Cs137, probably from bomb testing at slightly under the 10 Bq/Kg level..

      so it is possible this may be down to a contaminated batch (though lower than the Codex requirements) from america..
      the laboratories at ACRO would have picked up on the Cs134 signature that would have pointed to Japans disaster being the culprit.

      Also, New Zealand is currently entering into the Trade alliance- ASEAN with Japan and products from Japan would enter New Zealand from there too!
      During last summer i found a block of butter from New Zealand giving high levels of radioactivity, measurable with a gieger counter
      i bought British after that…

      Comment by arclight2011 | November 25, 2012 | Reply

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