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Ayumi Kizenuka Discusses Her Contaminated Farm, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Plight of Her Fellow Farmers in Fukushima -VIDEO

“Which governmental agency is doing the tests (..of the produce)?”

“It is not the government, it is unfortunate that the government is not wiling to test all the products in Japan. The testing started as a voluntry move by the farmers…”

So, if the farmer volunteers information that is incorrect the goverment will allow that product to be sold?

“yes, if it is declared under the government limits..”

(EnviroNews USA) –

Video on link – Duration 23 mins

Amongst a lively group of keen Fukushima followers who attended a symposium at UC Berkely’s Institute of East Asian Studies, a brave organic Japanese tea farmer by the name of Ayumi Kizenuka spoke about the confusing post 3-11 agricultural climate currently affecting Japan’s widely contaminated farmlands.

According to Kizenuka, the situation is so uncertain that most farmers remain in the dark as to the levels of deadly radioactive pollution plaguing their crops and soil.  Apparently, the local and national governments have been virtually invisible in their lackluster attempts to regulate and test farmlands for nuclear contamination since the disaster’s inception.  Many of the region’s tea and rice growers, particularly those like Ayumi, who have dedicated themselves to sustainable horticultural practices, are doing their best to test their own crops for radiation.  However, plenty of others desperately continue to harvest agricultural products from locations much CLOSER to the site of the nuclear catastrophe, without ANY sort of testing or regulatory oversight.

Ms. Kizenuka also spoke without reserve about how the situation has become so grim for farmers that there has been a noteworthy pandemic of suicides within the agricultural community. While Japan continues to export crops of questionable safety, such as the recent shipments of radioactive peaches that were busted in Thailand, the government fails to engage in any real measures of monitoring and enforcement, leaving Japanese farmers in a situation of “SELF-REGULATION”.

The conversation also covered ground regarding her grave concern surrounding the ominous and highly controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which Kizenuka says will devastate Japans own self-sufficiency, lowering Japans internal ability to feed and take care of themselves.  It was stated in the interview that this devastating international alliance would reduce the flailing countries’ internal food production from 40% to 13% rendering them even more impotent and reliant on agricultural and consumer imports.  Josh Cunnings reporting.

Some extra information here about the TPP (Son of Nafta)

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Secret Surrender of Sovereignty

November 16, 2012

The New American
by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

At an address to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) on September 24, Mexican President Felipe Calderón praised his government’s willingness to manipulate trade rules in order to increase Mexico’s international posture, power, and influence. A big step toward that end was Mexico’s entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.


In June, President Barack Obama and U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Ron Kirk announced that both of America’s NAFTA partners, Canada and Mexico, have been invited to join the secret negotiations aimed at establishing the TPP.

Kirk made a similar announcement a day later, publicizing Canada’s invitation to join the super-secret TPP club, and Canadian officials were just as giddy as Calderón.

After undergoing the requisite review of its domestic trade policies, Canada eagerly joined the negotiations on the trade pact. With Canada, there are now 11 nations participating in the TPP negotiations: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. This group of nations is working to establish “a comprehensive free trade agreement across the region.” Of course, as was the case with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the trade conducted under these multinational agreements is never free of government control. Globalist bureaucrats who are unaccountable to and unelected by the American people would establish domestic trade policies in all member nations, including the United States.


In an address to the heads of state gathered at the G-20 conference held in June in Los Cabos, Mexico, Calderón praised the TPP as “one of the free trade initiatives that’s most ambitious in the world” and one that would “foster integration of the Asia Pacific region, one of the regions with the greatest dynamism in the world.”

“Integration” is a word that is painful to the ears of constitutionalists and those unwilling to surrender U.S. sovereignty to a committee of globalists who are unelected by the American people and unaccountable to them.

All “partners” to the pact, including foreign corporations, would be exempted from abiding by American laws governing trade disputes. Moreover, the sovereignty of the United States and the Constitution’s enumeration of powers would once again be sacrificed on the altar of global government by subordinating U.S. laws passed by duly elected representatives of the people to a code of regulations created by a team of trans-national bureaucrats.

If you’re as fond of NAFTA and what it did for our economy and our sovereignty as Mexico and Canada are, then you’ll love what the TPP has in store.

In June, portions of the TPP draft agreement that were leaked to the Internet contained sketches of President Obama’s plans to surrender American sovereignty to international tribunals. This is just one of many frightening provisions of the TPP that are being negotiated in secret by American and international trade representatives.

Heres how Nafta works (some thought provoking links here)

“…Green MEPs believe the maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination are set far too high and would leave the European public exposed to unacceptably high doses of radioactive contamination. Strontium-90 is absorbed by bone, which leads to bone cancer and leukemia, caesium-137 spreads throughout the body but favours muscle tissue, plutonium is primarily toxic when inhaled and causes lung cancer and thyroid cancer broke among children in Chernobyl which drank milk which was iodine-131 contaminated….”

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