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UK ‘child abuse’ allegations “these revelations are only the tip of the iceberg”

 “we know here at NAPAC, that there are more names to come that will shock the nation.. ” (Video)
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NAPAC is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. We are a registered charity, based in the UK, providing support and information for people abused in childhood. If you were abused as a child and are looking for support click here.

Amina Taylor, Press TV, London
Fri Nov 9, 2012
It is a trickle that’s become a flood. The public were aghast at the sheer breadth and scale of the allegations of wrong-doing perpetrated against children, some as young as eight years old.

But there was more to come. UK PM David Cameron has been dragged into the abuse row after it emerged senior Conservatives from Margaret Thatcher’s administration have been named as abusers at the Bryn Estyn children’s home in north Wales. An inquiry 18 years ago looking into allegations of abuse was deemed a ‘whitewash’ after victims say it did not go far enough.

Peter Saunders is from the National Association of People Abused in Childhood. He says these revelations are only the tip of the iceberg.

The number of inquiries looking at allegations of sexual abuse and the failure to deal with them appropriately by the authorities – both in north Wales and in the Jimmy Savile case- has entered double figures.

Campaigners are calling for a ‘super inquiry’ to adequately address an issue that is threatening to spiral out of control.

The news that celebrities have been joined by high-ranking politicians in a roll-call of child abuse shame begs thequestion: how far does this abuse go? What else will be revealed? It is now time, according to one campaigner, that the PM exhibits leadership on this issue and show it is being adequately addressed.

With thousands of potential victims known from the combined abuse cases and many more waiting to share their stories, whether current or historical – UK authorities have to show there is a genuine will to undo some of the great harm that’s been carried out against society’s most vulnerable.

Perhaps one of the most worrying aspects of these allegations into the alleged abuse of children is the sheer size and scope of the problem. With each new day seemingly bringing fresh and damning revelations, the only thing that is certain is this is only the beginning.

Max Keiser talks to investigative journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman about her being banned from the UK for reporting on the Jersey sex and murder scandal. They discuss the $5 billion per square mile in laundered money that means Jersey rises, while Switzerland sinks.

And as well as protecting the guilty child sex/torturers/murderers of the island of Jersey I believe that they are also protecting the tax dodgers from any association.. its just good PR!

Heres some other information as to why there has been little about the Jersey child sex and murder cover up during this media frenzy. It has been covered by David Icke who has also been investigating Peadophillea in the UK and Jersey Islands. All the big corporations now use Jersey as the Swiss have become too honest.  There is likely hundreds of trillions in capital stashed there and more as the Swiss banks have money transferred to Jersey.

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair was reportedly involved in helping to keep alive the world’s biggest takeover by Jersey-incorporated commodities trader Glencore of mining company Xstrata.



Mr Blair was said to have attended a meeting at Claridge’s Hotel in London towards the end of last week which led to the Qatari Sovereign wealth fund supporting a final revised bid from Glencore for its shareholding.

Qatar Holding used its blocking stake to derail the original merger but is reported to have agreed that Glencore’s increased £34.66 billion offer was high enough.

Glencore International plc was incorporated in Jersey last year and its registered office is that of Computershare plc in Hilgrove Streeet.

Its shares were listed in both London and Hong Kong and the business was valued at about US$60 billion in April last year.



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