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South Korea nuclear-export ambition threatened Press TV (video) recommend

South Korea has shut down two nuclear reactors to replace thousands of parts that were supplied with forged quality certificates. The incident has raised concerns about nuclear safety in South Korea and is even affecting the country’s exports.
Joseph Kim, Press TV, Seoul
Fri Nov 9, 2012
More than 7,600 unqualified parts were found to supply five of South Korea’s nuclear reactors for over the past decade. In what the government called, “preventive measures” to replace all unsuitable parts, two reactorssouthwest of Seoul were shut down. Public distrust deepened, as concerns over safety still linger from the disaster in neighboring Japan last year.

Still, Seoul argues that the unverified parts, such as fuses, switches, and sensors, aren’t directly tied to causing radiation.

South Korea’s presently has 23 nuclear reactors which provides a third of the country’s total electricity. The nation’s nuclear power plants however, have been stricken with ongoing problems, raising concerns for energy blackouts. In 2012 alone, nine nuclear reactors malfunctions were reported.

Experts question the government’s claims, saying nuclear power plants serve a different purpose than to only provide daily energy consumption. 

Despite the government’s attempts to maintain confidence in South Korea’s nuclear reactors, many suggest that country’s efforts to export nuclear power plants will be undermined. Seoul won a contract valued over 20 billion dollars in 2009 to build 4 nuclear reactors in the United Arab Emirates and aims to export 80 more worth 400 billion dollars by 2030. 

Seoul stressed its commitment to export nuclear power saying earlier this week it would increase its efforts. The government forecasts nuclear power-related businesses will be one of its most profit markets after automobiles and semi-conductor.

Video here..


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