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UPDATE: Interview with Tozen Union Activist in Tokyo Japan | Labor Issues in Japan


There seems to be some internet intermittent blocking on this video (below). It is currently working. The Labour Unions site is not available.

“Which leads me to the second part. I try not to be too conspiracy-minded, and I really dislike those who see black hands behind every move, but I cannot help but wonder if the abolishment of the personal scheme is not in some way linked to the fact that the national scheme is losing its ass in the markets. Could it be possible that the Japanese Govenrment is using its power to govern to legalize a massive capital grab?”

Graham (JT poster)

And the obvious reason might be found here (please read the comments as well)

Labor ministry to scrap employee pension insurance system

POLITICS SEP. 29, 2012


After a scandal in which pension funds placed in the hands of AIJ Investment Advisors Co vanished, the ministry set up a task force to deal with the financial problems faced by Japan’s pension system. The task force proposed scrapping the employees’ pension insurance system. Financial analysts say many employees’ pension insurance system funds were AIJ customers.

At a press conference this week, senior vice welfare minister Yasuhiro Tsuji, who leads the task force, said the system is scheduled to be scrapped after a transitional period, Sankei Shimbun reported.


form the earlier version of the nuclear-news article for those that missed it

The Ghost Writers Report

Published on Sep 28, 2012 by 


“Short time contract workers issues are a major concern”


6 million of these workers find themselves on the edge due to firing practises


“Lack of compliance of workers rights causes disruption of health benefits and pensions benefits, government doesnt oversea working of pension guidlines causing workers to pay full rates”


“disability pension system faulty as companies fail to ensure a company enrolment, thereby, only lower payment scheme available”


“Tozen had a sucess recently with helping to organise for workers rights”


“Apathy amongst temporary foriegn workers needs to be overcome. they are asked for commitment if only temporary”


“A small union sued was for millions of Dollars for radical strike methods but courts found in thier favour. Corporations forced to accept Labour Rights. American style legal intimidation did not work in Japan”


Recently I had the chance to sit down with key members of the Tozen General Union. They are a activist union which stand for all workers. In this interview you will hear the harsh reality of being a worker in Japan. This interview is jam packed with hard hitting information about labor issues in Japan.

and here is the web site for the union

and this is the message i got trying to access it

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(arclight2011) I believe this and other Japanese websites are under some sort of mild to heavy cyber attack. . i hope you have better luck with the link than i did..

heres a mirrored video if the above video jams at it did to me, i had to download it to play it


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