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Courage of Margaret Chan WHO Director General, on ionising radiation

HISTORY WAS MADE. Marion Odell, 29 Sept 2012 On May 12, 2011 history was quietly made when courageous WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said “There is no safe low level of radiation.”

Until May 12, 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) always followed the lead of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on nuclear health effects issues as there is a 1959 agreement that WHO would accept the findings of that organization. This agreement is still in effect and hopefully will be rescinded soon.

However this most likely will need some considerable political pressure from the
public. It is imperative that we support this tremendously important pronouncement and spread the message far and wide. This is a breakthrough that will impress the public because of the prestige of the World Health Organization and the integrity of the
Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan.

The letter to Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan from the International Institute of Concern for Public appears below. It can also be seen at

Please do write your own letter to Dr. Chan and send the word to
others to spread the news and send their own letters.
Thanks, Marion Odell

Dear Dr. Chan:

For those of us in the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) community
that have been working for so many years to awaken the public and
politicians to the dangers to health of ionizing radiation, your
pronouncement that radiation is always dangerous and there are no safe
low levels of radiation is very welcome! We are thankful that the
World Health Organization (W.H.O.) under your leadership has come to
this understanding.

Internationally renowned epidemiologist and expert on the health
effects of ionizing radiation, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., G.N.S.H.,
was one of the founders of our organization (IICPH) and its first
president. Dr. Bertell remains a guiding light. We therefore have been
very active in working to educate the public, governments and
regulatory bodies on the scientific evidence that there is no safe
level of exposure to ionizing radiation.

Governments and the nuclear industries have depended on the
pronouncements of the International Commission on Radiological
Protection (ICRP) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to
help maintain the nuclear industry, despite this scientific evidence.
But now, we and other environmental NGOs will have your announcement
as Director General of the W.H.O. to assist us in our mandate to
educate people, governments and other groups on the health effects of
even very low levels of radiation.
Millions of lives have already been adversely affected from ionizing
radiation. Our descendants are unlikely to escape the effects even if
all proliferation of ionizing radiation should cease today. Therefore
it is vital to warn, to teach, and to prevent even very low exposures.

As Dr. Bertell has said in her book, No Immediate Danger: Prognosis
for a Radioactive Earth, “We know we face extinction if nuclear war
ever begins. We face the same extinction even if the bombs never fall.
The production alone of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons is
initiating the death crisis of our species.”

We value your tremendous wisdom and courage and will certainly do what
we can to help the W.H.O. mission to bring about a healthier, safer
environment for all.
— Marion Odell


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    • I confess that I have not done research on electromagnetic radiation. My position continues to be that the jury is still out on this one.
      The thing is – a certain amount of radiation of all types is around us, in the natural world. We have many uses for sound waves. In medicine we use ultrasound. We use electromagnetic radiation in many ways.

      My big concern, or focus, is that – in the “blurring’ of discussion on radiation in general, it is important to single out IONISING RADIATION. Ionising radiation is proven to be harmful. There is no real scientific doubt on the seriousness of this form of radiation, as compared to other forms.

      I’m concerned that the message of Dr Chan about ionising should not be lost in the genuine debates about electromagnetic radiation. At present, I still have an open mind about electromagnetic radiation, but I would not be surprised if it is harmful in some areas (e.g risk of meningiomas due to use of portable and cell phones).

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 30, 2012 | Reply

      • you have 1000’s of studies readily available, the jury was in for the military in the 50’s. The jury is not out, it is simply that the guys who profit most focus solely on ionizing radiation, or heat effect and leave out non-thermal, thereby muddying the waters to make it appear the jury is out, while at the same time denying ALL electrical function of the human body and the compromising of it. When you have sperm that is destroyed, immobilized in countless studies from very low level exposure, repeated over time (this is decades now) on all types of animals, humans in 100’s of studies, the jury is most definitely in. When you have 6 GHz phones being placed to the sides of the heads of humans (but not heating 1 degree /kilogram in 6 minutes which is the safety test commonly used) and then you expose humans to this for life (noting the destruction of sperm, the inability of mice to reproduce, the 3467 studies by the EPA showing effects, the 2300 by the Naval Medical Research Institute showing effects, Canadian Human Rights commission, Russian Military, MI5 and piles of others, I would venture to guess that microwave radiating people 24/7 for life is not safe. I would also venture to guess doing this to sperm and egg pre-conception is also not safe. I would encourage you to keep an open mind on this subject and consider that as we speak, pregnant mothers are microwave radiating their female babies inside of them, carrying the nearly 400 eggs they will have for life, which will in turn be microwave radiated for 29 years (the avg age of first baby). Compromising the Hz of every cell of every human cannot be happening, when compounding all the devices 24/7 that have been shown in the links to the site, it is a wonder we are reproducing at all, and can only leave one to think why it is we are having so much trouble with fertility, knowing that billions of people are walking around with phones at their head and moreso by their genitals. So again, consider to look into the military docs, not the industry studies based on heat alone, the faulty interphone study and so on. take care!

        Comment by bcfreedom | October 1, 2012

  1. Electromagnetic vs ionizing radiation …. this is a ‘distinction without a difference’ electromagnetic damages by induced eddy currents, and electricity is ionizing. Further the passage of a high energy particle thru the body, even if there is no nuclear collission, leaves a trail of ionization in its wake – this electrical ionization, causes free radicals, which corrupt the local cellular ecosystem.
    It is water condensation upon this trail of electrical charges that cause a cloud chamber to function…

    Comment by Arnie Lerma | October 17, 2012 | Reply

    • Just not as clearly proven as nuclear radiation. Both important. But in the current climate of global nuclear power lobbying, I find the nuclear power, nuclear weapons, depleted uranium, uranium mining – issues the most critical.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 17, 2012 | Reply

  2. Dear Dr. Chan:
    For those of us in the Non-
    Governmental Organization (NGO)
    that have been working for so
    many years to awaken the public
    politicians to the dangers to
    health of ionizing radiation, your
    pronouncement that radiation is
    always dangerous and there are
    no safe low levels of radiation is very welcome! We are thankful that the World Health Organization
    (W.H.O.) under your leadership
    has come to this understanding. ❤

    Comment by sheilah shakti | September 18, 2013 | Reply

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