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VIDEO: Plutonium probably reached critical mass n Fukushima reactor No 3

Busby: I think plutonium probably reached critical mass at Reactor 3 which caused explosion (VIDEO)  September 6th, 2012 By ENENews Nuked Radio Special: Busby Speaks September 4, 2012
Dr. Chris Busby: I think what happened originally was it got hot enough to volatilize the plutonium. See, in these reactors there’s always plutonium. In Reactor 3, there was plutonium they put in there in the first place.

And plutonium has a lower boiling point than uranium.

So in principal if you heat the thing high enough, the plutonium comes off first, like the fractional distillation of oil.

So as the plutonium comes off, it will then condense in the cooler part of whatever it is coming off into, the pressure vessel I guess… and you only need about 9 kg of plutonium to have critical mass, so that could then explode and blow everything up in the air.

I think that is probably what happened at Reactor 3……


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