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AUDIO: Fukushima deposited more radioactive material than Chernobyl did

Nuclear Expert Back From Japan: Fukushima deposited a lot more radioactive material than Chernobyl, except for immediate area around
reactors (AUDIO)  September 5th, 2012  Title: Clean Energy View: Fukushima’s History, Recovery & Future Source: The Organic View
Date: June 19, 2012 
Energy expert, Thomas S. Drolet, President of Drolet and Associates
Energy Services, Inc. recently visited Fukushima and was also at the
site shortly after the disaster occurred to assist with the recovery
process. Mr. Drolet has also been to Chernobyl and is a highly sought
after speaker on the subject of nuclear energy. Drolet: The land to
the northwest of Chernobyl Unit 4 was severely contaminated in
comparison to anything that happened at Fukushima Daiichi, and then
was less and less.

The only good news I can say about Chernobyl is the initial blast was
so strong and so powerful that a lot of it went up into the air, into
the stratosphere almost, and got carried by the jet stream around the

So the dispersion was far greater in distance, and the amount
deposited — except for the immediate area, say a 20 mile area around
Chernobyl — was a lot less.

So its just the way the vagaries of the explosion and the wind were at the time.


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