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USA policies, especially on Israel, motivate Iran to get nuclear weapons

an almost purposeful U.S. policy to drive others to obtain the “doomsday explosive”

 by allowing Israel to develop the weapons, the U.S. and friends already stimulated the Middle East arms race. It is mainly due to the United States, Great Britain and France that Israel has nuclear capability. As a consequence, Middle East nations sought means to neutralize the Israel bomb…..

US Policies Motivate Iran To Obtain Nuclear Weapon   by: Dan Lieberman December 18, 2011 When the United States sent the B-29 Superfortress bomber, Elona Gay, to drop “Little Boy” on an unwary Hiroshima and ushered in the nuclear age, its administration neglected to plan for a major concern; how to prevent nuclear proliferation. America could not effectively deter the Soviet Union and China from developing a nuclear capability and maybe it did not want its British and French allies from feeling deprived. Nevertheless, all of those nations, with the United States in the lead, had the power to cower India and Pakistan into being content with conventional armaments. Belatedly and ineffectively, the U.S. tried to discourage Pakistan in its bomb-making activities by terminating economic and military aid in
Oct. 1992. The bluster did not work.

Not containing the atomic
arsenals of the two arch foes of the India continent is one of the
major foreign policy and military policy blunders of the post-war era.
How could the U.S. behave so recklessly, not realize it was
responsible for the atomic arms race and for allowing and even moving
others to obtain the bomb? Why does it not consider in its policies
the argument that those most likely to use the bomb are more important
than those who have the bomb? Answers to both these questions expose
an almost purposeful U.S. policy to drive others to obtain the
“doomsday explosive” and, if we concede the Islamic Republic is
developing a bomb, give meaning to Iran’s determination to develop a
nuclear weapon. A simple proposition can deaden that determination,
and not only for Iran; the world’s major powers can give any nation
that entertains a “first strike” a rethink – do it and get demolished.

The consequence of not facing down to India and Pakistan defines the
real arms race; nuclear weapons in the military depots of nations that
contain extremist elements who kill mercilessly and, if able to obtain
the weapons, would apply them worldwide, including at the United
States. Iran’s possibility of obtaining a nuclear capability is
conjectural and not as significant as the actual; Pakistan has many
bombs and Pakistan is not stable. The laxity is emphasized by the lack
of control on previous actions by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistan’s
(in)famous nuclear physicist…..
Of those who have not signed the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of
Nuclear Weapons – India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel – all,
except Israel had deterrent as an immediate reason. India feared
China, Pakistan feared India and North Korea feared the United States.
When Israel allegedly started nuclear weapons developments in 1963,
none of its antagonists were even thinking nuclear.

The United States claims that Iran must be stopped from obtaining
nuclear weapons because Iran’s developments will provoke a Middle East
nuclear arms race. However, by allowing Israel to develop the weapons,
the U.S. and friends already stimulated the Middle East arms race. It
is mainly due to the United States, Great Britain and France that
Israel has nuclear capability. As a consequence, Middle East nations
sought means to neutralize the Israel bomb…..
France started Israel on the road to nuclear capability with the sale
of a nuclear reactor and uranium fuel.

“Franco-Israeli nuclear cooperation is described in detail in the book
‘Les Deux Bombes’ (1982) by French journalist Pierre Pean, who gained
access to the official French files on Dimona. The book revealed that
the Dimona’s cooling circuits were built two to three times larger
than necessary for the 26-megawatt reactor Dimona [supplied by France]
was supposed to be – proof that it had always been intended to make
bomb quantities of plutonium. The book also revealed that French
technicians had built a plutonium extraction plant at the same site.
According to Pean, French nuclear assistance enabled Israel to produce
enough plutonium for one bomb even before the 1967 Six Day War. France
also gave Israel nuclear weapon design information.” [2]

Great Britain paved the road for Israel to reach the bomb. When he was
UK prime minister, Harold Wilson supplied Israel with plutonium.

“In Harold Macmillan’s time the UK supplied uranium 235 and the heavy
water which allowed Israel to start up its nuclear weapons production
plant at Dimona – heavy water which British intelligence estimated
would allow Israel to make ‘six nuclear weapons a year.’”[3]

The United States looked the other way.

“After the United States discovered the Dimona reactor in 1960, U.S.
nuclear specialists inspected Dimona every year from 1965 through
1969, looking for signs of nuclear weapon production. It is not clear
what they found, but in 1968 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
reported to President Lyndon Johnson its conclusion that Israel had
already made an atomic bomb. In 1969, Israel limited inspection visits
by U.S. scientists to such an extent that the Americans complained in
writing. Without explanation, the Nixon administration ended the
visits the following year.” [4]


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