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India: 10,000 peaceful anti nuclear protestors march, and promise further action

Anti-nuclear protestors take out rally, stage peaceful demo Radhapuram (TN) Dec 18 (PTI) About 10,000 anti-nuclear protestors today took out a procession from a temple at nearby Koodankulam to this town and staged a peaceful demonstration, condemning Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that the Nuclear Power project would be operationalised in a couple of weeks and resolved to picket the plant if work resumed.

Pushparayan, Convenor of People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), which is spearheading the stir, said the organisation would intensify its agitation from January 1 if their demand for removing the fuel rods loaded into the reactor were not removed by that date.

Police said the procession and the demonstration passed off peacefully and that adequate security had been deployed to ensure no untoward incidents took place. Earlier in the day, PMANE condemned Singh’s ‘anti-people’ and ‘autocratic’ statement on KNPP, saying it betrayed the fact that the state government’s resolution to
halt work was never honoured earnestly or implemented effectively.

VIDEO Huge protest planned in Kudankulam over PM’s statement by ndtv on Dec 18, 2011 With the Prime Minister announcing that the Kudankulam plant will be operationalised in a couple of weeks, at Ground Zero, villagers have called for a huge protest rally today, from Kudankulam to nearby Radhapuram in Tamil Nadu. “If the Nuclear Power Corporation of India or the Department of Atomic Energy tries to restart the work at the Kudankulam nuclear plant, we will lay a siege with thousands of people and their families immediately at the site, and number two in order to protest against PM’s statement made in Russia we are going to hold a rally from Kudankulam to Radhapuram,” said SP Udhayakumar, Convenor, People’s Movement against Nuclear Energy.

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  1. India’s People “Get It”!
    They understand that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor,
    … Any place anytime 24/7/365!

    If India was really smart, they would “bypass” Nuclear and push GREEN SOLAR in a big way ASAP, racing Germany toward safe new future tech like this:
    and maybe this

    For more see:

    Comment by 1captd | December 19, 2011 | Reply

  2. Another consideration besides the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster RISK is that the cost of Solar is dropping very fast and India has the land mass and sunshine to go Solar in a huge way and even “EXPORT” solar energy produced power like other Countries do OIL!

    ======> Global Area Required for Solar

    =====> GE Sees Solar Cheaper Than Fossil Power in Five Years – Bloomberg

    ====> Infographic: Nuclear Power vs. Energy Efficient Homes | The Energy Collective

    ===>Solar Power Could Produce >50% of Global Electricity, IEA Report Concludes | CleanTechnica

    Comment by 1captd | December 19, 2011 | Reply

    (Updated) Protesters Swarm the Square in Central Tokyo Where Noda Is to Give Speech
    (Update-2) Here’s the scenes at the square, in three parts, recorded live by Yasumi Iwakami’s crew (here, here, here). It looks both the political left and the right were up against the Noda administration and shouting at the administration officials together. And old and young, somewhat reminiscent of the scenes that I watched earlier this year in Egypt.

    The net media is laughing at Noda, who turned back on the way to the square, as “saved by Kim Jong Il”.

    (Update) PM Noda turned back to the Prime Minister’s Official Residence on the news of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, who died from working too hard for the people. Ostensibly (for both Noda and Kim).

    Protesters say they were unjustly withheld by the police from coming into the square while the DPJ dignitaries were making speeches.

    Comment by 1captd | December 19, 2011 | Reply

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