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Nuclear Repression, not Nuclear Renaissance, in Jaitapur, India

Jaitapur’s people are more concerned about being treated as sub-humans by the state, which has unleashed savage repression, including hundreds of arrests, illegal detentions and orders prohibiting peaceful assemblies. Eminent citizens keen to express solidarity with protesters were banned, including a former supreme court judge, the Communist party’s secretary and a former Navy chief. Gadgil too was prevented. A former high court judge was detained illegally for five days. Worse, a Maharashtra minister recently threatened that “outsiders” who visit Jaitapur wouldn’t be “allowed to come out” (alive).

This hasn’t broken the people’s resolve or resistance.

The truth behind India’s nuclear renaissance Jaitapur’s French-built nuclear plant is a disaster in waiting, jeopardising biodiversity and local livelihoods   Praful Bidwai,  8 February 2011 The global “nuclear renaissance” touted a decade ago has not materialised. Continue reading


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Freedom of Speech: Peace Award to Julian Assange

“Assange has championed people’s right to know and has challenged the centuries-old tradition that governments are entitled to keep the public in a state of ignorance.”…….Mr Assange’s work was in the tradition of Tom Paine’s Rights of Man and Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers – “challenging the old order of power in politics and in journalism”.

Julian Assange awarded Sydney peace medal, Sydney Morning Herald, February 2, 2011 In the estimation of the Sydney Peace Foundation, Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stands alongside the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. Continue reading

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Assange just one example: unjust extradition in Europe’s arrest system

Assange’s extradition is only the tip of the iceberg Flawed European arrest warrant system means thousands face unjust extradition each year  Jago Russell, 9 Feb 2011, Julian Assange is fighting extradition to Sweden. Many suffer unjustified extradition ordeals under the present system. Continue reading

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Civil disobedience planned to close Vermont nuclear power plant

Civil disobedience planned at VY offices on Feb. 21, common, News and Views for Windham County, Vermont, 9 Feb 2011, Last year, the people of Vermont used the democratic process to prevail upon Entergy Corporation of Louisiana to close its Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in March 2012. Instead of obeying the will of the people, Entergy is now spending vast sums of money on lobbying, TV advertising, and lawyers to try to keep its dangerous, polluting nuke running until at least 2032. Continue reading

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Public’s right to know about airport scanners’ radiation hazards

the TSA had previously been unable to detect incidents when excessive doses of radiation were emitted by  X-ray machines used to inspect baggage. Furthermore, TSA officials failed to detect machines whose safety protections were missing or disabled.

(USA) Lawmaker Presses TSA to Release Reports on Airport Scanner Radiation | FairWarning, By Patrick Corcoran  February 9, 2011 Members of Congress two months ago started demanding the release of inspection reports regarding the possible ill effects of radiation from full-body X-ray scanners widely used for airport security. Continue reading

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Unfair treatment of Australia’s nuclear whistleblower

Nuclear whistleblower treated unfairly, investigation finds Herald Sun, AAP   February 09, 2011 A MAN who went public with safety concerns about Australia’s only nuclear reactor was denied procedural fairness when he was suspended from his job on bullying claims, an investigation has found.Australia’s commonwealth workplace regulator, Comcare, investigated the case of Dave Reid, a health and safety representative for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Radiopharmaceuticals.It found ANSTO breached health and safety laws in its handling of the case. n the report, obtained by ABC Television, the investigator found Mr Reid was denied procedural fairness when he was suspended from his role after bullying allegations were made against him by other employees. Nuclear whistleblower treated unfairly, investigation finds | Herald Sun

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Censorship of Dr Helen Caldicott in Port Hope, Ontario

Last November, Dr. Caldicott was due to speak in Port Hope, Ont., when she found herself persona non grata there. Cameco, a producer of uranium fuel for nuclear power plants around the world, is a major employer in this town of 16,000 on Lake Ontario.

Barred’ from Port Hope: An interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott,, By Cathryn Atkinson| February 8, 2011 Renowned Australian physician and anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott has for four decades lectured around the world about the medical dangers inherent in the use of radioactive materials for nuclear energy and weapons. Her work was captured in the 1982 National Film Board of Canada short documentary, If You Love This Planet, which won an Oscar. Continue reading

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Rising costs result in profit drop for Entergy’s nuclear business

Entergy Profit Falls as Costs Dent Margins ,, 9 Feb 2011, By NAUREEN S. MALIKEntergy Corp.’s fourth-quarter profit dropped 27% as higher costs outpaced revenue growth tied to higher volume. Continue reading

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UK govt postpones decision on new nuclear weapons system

It also comes at a time more and more leading establishment figures, such as the former US secretary of state and national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, say they are becoming increasingly anxious about nuclear proliferation

(UK) Nuclear weapons case to be examined by commissionThe government has decided to put off a decision on a new nuclear weapons system until 2015  Richard Norton-Taylor * The Guardian,   9 February 2011 The government’s decision to go ahead with a new, but as yet undefined, nuclear missile system will be subjected to unprecedented independent scrutiny by a group of senior defence, diplomatic, scientific, and political figures. Continue reading

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Concerns raised on danger of uranium tailings in mining on USA’s East coast

Environmentalists and some local residents have opposed tapping the Pittsylvania County deposit because they are fearful the mining and milling will foul the air, rivers, streams and reservoirs with radioactive tailings scattered by torrential rains or hurricanes. Uranium mining in the U.S. has taken place in drier, western climates, and this would be the first on the East Coast.

Uranium mining focus of Richmond meeting, Bloombeerg, By STEVE SZKOTAK  , 8 Feb 2011, A National Academy of Sciences committee pressed Virginia mining and environmental officials Monday on the state’s ability to regulate uranium mining if a 1982 state ban is lifted. Continue reading

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Misleading testimony by nuclear company Entergy about radiation leaks

NEC: Entergy’s misleading testimony, again |, Clay Turnbull, 8 Feb 2011, Entergy Vermont Yankee explained in a letter to the Vermont Public Service Board (Jan 28) why their witness, under oath before the Board, gave false, misleading and inaccurate testimony.During January technical hearings in Docket 7600 (the docket opened following leaks-from-non-existent underground pipes) Entergy witnesses led the board and intervenors to believe they had bound the tritium leaks; the leaks were identified, under control and remediation was going well.We now learn tritium had contaminated more wells than discussed at the hearings…… Continue reading

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Legal action to stop Colorado uranium mill

Energy Fuels will be required provide $11 million in sureties to cover future cleanup costs, although cleanup costs for other mills in the past have ranged between $50 million and $500 million, the group said in a statement.

Suit filed against planned Western Slope uranium mill, Denver Business Journal – by Cathy Proctor, February 8, 2011 A Western Slope group fighting a plan to open a new uranium mill in Colorado — the first new U.S. uranium mill in a quarter-century — has filed a lawsuit in Denver District Court alleging state regulators haven’t follow state and federal law regarding the project. Continue reading

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Safety breaches covered up at Australia’s nuclear reactor

Nuclear safety breaches concern Opposition – ABC Sydney – Australian Broadcasting Corporation February 9, 2011  “……..The Comcare report, which was obtained by the ABC, found the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) under-reported accidents and breached basic safety standards at the reactor.The ABC has also learnt of another incident that left a newly appointed supervisor contaminated…………. Continue reading

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Man carries loaded handgun into Oyster Creek nuclear plant

Lititz man arrested for carrying handgun into nuclear plant – News, 9 Feb 2011, A Lititz man visiting New Jersey’s Oyster Creek nuclear plant on business last week was arrested for carrying a loaded handgun through the plant’s front gate.New Jersey state law prohibits entry to the nation’s oldest nuclear plant with a weapon……Lititz man arrested for carrying handgun into nuclear plant – News

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