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Genuine power solutions not favoured by rich corporations

Deep Green: What the Greens got right | Greenpeace Internationaly Rex Weyler – January 14, 2011 “…… Historically, ecologists and environmentalists have offered thousands of genuine solutions and critical ideas to help humanity achieve peace and sustainability. The problem is not that ecologists offer no solutions. The problem arises because those solutions are not convenient for those who want to concentrate wealth and political power.
Corporate promoters like Brand, Lynas and Channel 4 insist on high-tech, complex solutions such as nuclear power, biotechnology and geo-engineering because those ventures promise more wealth and centralised control for the wealthy. They attack the genuine solutions offered by ecologists because those solutions require less reckless consumption and more community power. Deep Green: What the Greens got right | Greenpeace International

January 14, 2011 - Posted by | general

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