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A second Russian nuclear facility endangered by wildfires

With Russia still suffering from ongoing heat and dry conditions up to 40C, nearly 500,000 acres of land were currently ablaze.

Fire threatens Russian nuclear centre,  By Benedikt Von Imhoff  AAP * August 09, 2010 THE battle against forest and peat bog fires around Russia continues, with new fires at one nuclear research site just after firefighters had succeeded in securing another one. Continue reading

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Overexposure to medical radiation brings 100s of lawsuits

Hundreds Of Lawsuits Are Filed As CT_Scan Radiation Overdoses Continue,   – Santa Clarita Radio, KHTS News, 6 August 2010 Lawyers representing more than 100 clients suffering from radiation overexposure are having their lawsuits against two Los Angeles hospitals and General Electric Co. consolidated in a California courtroom.  A Los Angeles Times report on Wednesday added Los Angeles-USC Medical Center and Bakersfield Memorial Hospital to the list of hospitals where overdoses occurred – this time with scanners manufactured by Toshiba.

Hometown Station AM 1220 – Santa Clarita Radio – Hundreds Of Lawsuits Are Filed As Radiation Overdoses Continue

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Anti-radiation pills for those living near nuclear power plants

State offering anti-radiation pills for those near nuke plants,  York Dispatch, EYANA ADAH MCMILLAN ,  08/07/2010 York County residents living near nuclear power plants can receive free potassium iodide tablets from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  Potassium iodide helps protect the thyroid gland against the harmful effects of radioactive iodine that may be released during a radiological emergency.The tablets will be distributed Thursday, Aug. 12, at 12 locations around the state, the department said……… State offering anti-radiation pills for those near nuke plants – York Dispatch

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Move to help nuclear workers exposed to radiation

John  thought he was manufacturing laundry detergents during his 23 years at Blockson. He wore only a paper mask while handling tanks that, unknown to him, were filled with uranium and radium to be used in the production of nuclear weapons.

Workers exposed to radiation may soon benefit from fund, The Washington Post, By Gerry SmithSunday, August 8, 2010;  CHICAGO — Four years ago, then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama called them “veterans of the Cold War” and pledged to help them receive compensation.But today, many former workers at Blockson Chemical in Joliet, Ill., and their survivors still have not been paid from a fund created in 2000 to make amends for exposing workers to high levels of radiation without telling them or providing adequate protection. Continue reading

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Russia’s wildfires threaten radioactive areas from Chernobyl

“Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu said heat from fires in the Bryansk region, which already has nuclear contamination from the Chernobyl disaster more than 20 years ago, could release harmful radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

Nuclear Concerns as Russian Wildfires Spread Near Chernobyl, The Atlantic Wire, By Max Fisher,  August 06, 2010 The hundreds of wildfires still spreading through Russia are beginning to approach areas affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. Continue reading

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Remembering Nagasaki: British nuclear veterans

Speaking ahead of Monday’s 65th anniversary of the US dropping a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, the servicemen talked about their experience of living through 20 test blasts carried out between 1952 and 1958.

Nagasaki 65 years on: British nuclear test vets push for MoD   compensation, John Higginson – 8th August, 2010, Britain’s nuclear test veterans who are battling to secure £20million in compensation are urging the government to pay up before any more of them die. Continue reading

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