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International Energy Agency Report – gloom for nuclear

the nuclear scenario remains much the same as it was two years ago…..On the whole the 2010 Energy Technology Perspectives brings bad news for the nuclear industry.

Bad news for nuclear in the International Energy Agency’s Energy Technology Perspectives report | Greenpeace International, 14 July 2010, Every two years the International Energy Agency, the ‘intergovernmental organisation which acts as energy policy advisor to 28 member countries in their effort to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for their citizens’, releases its Energy Technology Perspectives report. Continue reading

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UK govt ignoring public opposition to new Trident nuclear weapons

all the indications are that the will of the people – even including Daily Mail readers this time – is to be ignored yet again. Trident replacement has been excluded from the Strategic Defence Review, which would have forced debate on its actual military value. Instead, a ‘value for money review’ has been hastily cobbled together to give a fig-leaf of legitimacy to the decision to proceed with business as usual.

(UK) So just who does want to replace Trident? Greenpeace UK, by jossc on 13 July 2010. A YouGov poll released today reaffirms what we already knew: a clear majority people simply don’t support government plans to build a ‘like for like’ replacement for the Trident nuclear deterrent.The poll, undertaken on behalf of think tank Chatham House, found that only 29 per cent of the public backed the government’s Trident plans. Amongst opinion formers the level of support fell to a paltry 22 per cent. Continue reading

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AREVA keen to sell untested ATMEA 1 nuclear reactor to Jordan

Breuzژ also highlighted the nuclear technology being offered by AREVA ….The 1,000-1,150MW model reactor, ….has yet to be built or brought online anywhere in the world.

France stands by Jordan’s nuclear programme’ | Jordan Times, By Taylor Luck, 13 July 2010, AMMAN – France supports Jordan’s right to enrich uranium as outlined in the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the top French diplomat in Amman said on Tuesday. Continue reading

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Uranium mining executive boasted on political upheaval in Australia

‘Policymakers around the world can learn a lesson when considering new taxes to plug a revenue gap or play to local politics,” he said.

Indeed they can, particularly if they note the ousting of a sitting prime minister by his own party.

Big-talking giants may come down with a thud, Sydney Morning Herald, Ian Verrender, July 13, 2010  If the European Union had reservations about the iron ore tie-up between the mining giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, it no doubt would have been stunned by Tom Albanese’s extraordinary remarks in London last week…….. Continue reading

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China quietly investing in USA enriched uranium company USEC

Fuel Maker for Reactors Has China as Investor  –, Matthew Wald, June 2010, A Hong Kong company that is partly owned by the Chinese government has quietly purchased a 5.1 percent stake in the only American-owned provider of enriched uranium for use in civilian nuclear reactors, Continue reading

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Report on uranium in hair and urine of Punjab children

14 July 2010.  Abstract: Our test results documented that hair and urine mineral analysis results support each other. This is of interest, because hairanalysis evaluates past exposure while urine analysis detects immediate exposure. Continue reading

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Castro warns USA and Israel on nuclear war

Washington policy may result in nuclear war – Comandante Castro, RT, 13 July, 2010, In his first televised appearance in recent years, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro warned that US policies on Iran and North Korea may result in a nuclear war. The leader of the Cuban revolution believes that the policies that Washington and its allies are leading on Iran and North Korea may result in the beginning of a world nuclear war, Itar-Tass writes.Castro noted that earlier he had thought the global conflict would be sparked because of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). However, now he believes that it is a US and Israeli attack on Iran that could trigger a war. Washington policy may result in nuclear war – Comandante Castro – RT

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Nuclear weapons numbers to be cut – USA

Obama plans to cut up to 40 percent of nukes, THE HUFFINGTON POST, 13 July 2010, WASHINGTON — A government document reveals that the Obama administration is planning to cut the U.S. nuclear stockpile by up to 40 percent by 2021.The Energy Department document provides details of the reductions that President Barack Obama has called for on a path to eliminating nuclear weapons. The reductions continue a trajectory of cuts that already has reduced U.S. stockpiles by about 75 percent since 1989.In May the administration said that it had 5,113 nuclear warheads.The new document says the administration would like to reduce that number to a range of 3,000 to 3,500. Obama plans to cut up to 40 percent of nukes

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Radioactive tritium escaping from Pilgrim nuclear power plant

there are not enough monitoring wells, and that the EPA standards for allowable tritium are outdated.

Elevated levels of radioactive isotope at Pilgrim nuclear power plant – Boston Globe,  By Carolyn Y. Johnson,  14 July 2010, Continue reading

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Video on radioactive fallout in Iceland’s volcanic dust

// <![CDATA[// Iceland Volcano A-Bomb! Toxic Nuclear Fallout on Europe to Australia! 4/17/10 | July 13, 2010   WARNING  to stay inside. there is 3 layers of nuclear fallout in the ICE CORES ….the news is not reporting on this. that’s sadder then sad.

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Unprecedented heavy rains made Ranger uranium pit wall unstable

The company said access to higher-grade ore in the lower levels of the open pit had been reduced, due mainly to instability on one of the pit walls and record rainfall at the mine in April.

Uranium output to fall 18 per cent: ERA | The Australian, 14 July 2010, ENERGY Resources of Australia (ERA) has flagged a drop in uranium oxide production of up to 18 per cent a year after its first-half output slumped, due largely to record rainfall affecting operations. Continue reading

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