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Navajo fight to protect land from uranium mining

Navajo to Protest Uranium Mining Expansion  Censored News, 20 May 2010, On May 25-27 a delegation of Navajo community leaders will come to Denver to protest US Government support for expanding the nuclear industry that has already had a devastating impact on Native American and Chicano communities in New Mexico.The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the National Mining Association will host a “Uranium Recovery” conference designed to make it easier for mining companies to move forward with a new era of uranium mining. Continue reading

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Failures of AREVA’s, Westinghouse’s and Hitachi’s new nuclear reactors

Free nuclear advice for the Polish Energy Group , Greenpeace International by jmckeati – May 20, 2010 “…………The Polish Energy Group (PGE) wants to build two new nuclear reactors. Which designs are they considering? Oh dear. AREVA’s EPR, Westinghouse’s AP1000 and GE Hitachi’s ABWR and ESBWR……… Continue reading

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State legal proceedings looming for uranium company, over water contamination

Mountain State Nixes Plan For Cleanup Of Colo. Uranium Mine,, DENVER (AP) May 20, 2010 State regulators have rejected a plan by Cotter Corp. to clean up contamination from a closed uranium mine that has flowed into a creek that feeds a Denver-area reservoir.The Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety said Thursday it doesn’t believe the plan would prevent uranium from contaminating Ralston Reservoir, which supplies some of the Denver area’s drinking water. Continue reading

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For some older women, radiation unnecessary after cancer surgery

Study: No radiation after surgery ok for certain breast cancer patients By Miriam Falco  Paging Dr. Gupta –  CNN Medical News  May 20, 2010, Older breast cancer patients who have their small tumors surgically removed get little benefit from radiation treatment, according to a study released Thursday by the American Society of Clinical Oncologists. Continue reading

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Strange life of Trident nuclear submarine crew

instructions include allying with the US, travelling to Australia if Europe has been destroyed and, ultimately, firing the weapons.

Life on Trident: three months under the waves with 48 nuclear warheads    Patrick Barkham, The Guardian,  20 May 2010 “…..Powered by a nuclear reactor, the submarines are almost silent and virtually undetectable. While on patrol, direct communication with navy bosses back home ceases, so potential enemies cannot intercept any signals. The crew are almost completely cut off from the outside world……… Continue reading

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