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Google can now boost affordable renewable energy

it seems that Google is only immediately seeking the right to exercise more control over electricity pricing to more effectively gain access to affordable renewable energy………The company founders invested in the electric car manufacturer Tesla, and Eric Schmidt has even presented a comprehensive plan to the U.S. government showing exactly how the country could quickly change to deriving all of it’s energy from renewable sources.

Google can now buy and sell bulk energy –

February 21, 2010

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No U.S. revival of nuclear power while no waste solution

Nuclear energy can’t expand without a nuclear-waste site The Columbus Dispatch, February 21, 2010 “….No permanent place exists in the United States to store high-level radioactive waste. ………. the waste from the power plants already in operation just keeps piling up in temporary storage sites around the nation, which is not safe.
Without a permanent solution to the waste problem, nuclear energy cannot fulfill its promise as a means to reduce Americans’ dependency on foreign oil and cut emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollution. To ramp up nuclear-energy production without solving this problem would be irresponsible.

Editorial: Nuclear energy can’t expand without a nuclear-waste site | The Columbus Dispatch

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China’s renewable energy future coming fast

…wind power could meet all China’s electricity demand by 2030..

Green energy for China  environmentalresearchweb 20 Jan 2010 “…..China is relying heavily on coal but is also turning increasingly to non-fossil energy sources. Its nuclear programme often gets the headlines, but in 2008 China had as much wind capacity in place as it had nuclear capacity……….wind has now more than doubled- Continue reading

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USA’s $96 billion nuclear waste mess

the federal government continues to search for suitable sites for storage of high-level wastes from nuclear power plants and for very long-lived radioactive materials from weapons production.

For the time being high-level waste remain on the sites where they were generated…….

Where to dump nuclear waste? Manila Bulletin By ATTY. ROMEO V. PEFIANCO February 17, 2010, Dumping nuclear waste has been a serious problem in the US since 1970 Continue reading

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Wind energy more viable for S.Africa than nuclear

‘Renewable energy is viable’ Times LIVE (Africa) Feb 21, 2010  By ZWELI MOKGATA Eddie O’Connor is adamant that 90% of the world’s electricity could easily come from renewable sources by 2050 if only world governments would commit to key energy policies in time.

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Talking sense on Climate Change

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: GLOBAL WEIRDING IS HERE  Indiana Gazette , February 19, 2010 Of the festivals of nonsense that periodically overtake American politics surely the silliest is the argument that because Washington is having a particularly snowy winter it proves that climate change is a hoax and, therefore, we need not bother with all this girly-man stuff like renewable energy, solar panels and carbon taxes. Just drill, baby, drill………. Continue reading

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Nuclear waste reprocessing problems

Digging up the dirt on uranium – The National Newspaper Tamsin Carlisle,  February 20. 2010 “……Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods to extract more of their energy potential is another option but is expensive and intensely controversial. Continue reading

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