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Australian nuclear veterans join British class action

CLASS ACTION BY NUCLEAR VETERANS HEADED BY SYDNEY LEGAL TEAM – NO WIN NO ;FEE December 31, 2009 by Coober Pedy Regional Times Surviving Australian veterans of the British nuclear tests at Maralinga, Monte Bello Island and Christmas Island in the 1950s and 60s are joining British and other nuclear veterans in taking the British government to court in what could be one of the most significant compensation cases in legal history. Continue reading

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UN withdrawing some staff from volatile nuclear-powered Pakistan

UN to pull some international staff from Pakistan  chron By JOHN HEILPRIN and ELENA BECATOROS Associated Press Writers © 2009 The Associated Press Dec. 31, 2009,ISLAMABAD — The United Nations said Thursday it would relocate about a quarter of the U.N.’s international staff in Pakistan, a response to the increasingly volatile security situation in the country…… Continue reading

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Chinese company wants nuclear powered ships

Chinese Shipping Company Mulls a Nuclear-Powered Fleet New York Times December 31, 2009, By JAMES KANTER “…..
In a speech reported earlier this month by Lloyd’s List, the London-based maritime newspaper, the chief executive of the Chinese shipping giant Cosco, Wei Jiafu, said his company was co-operating with Chinese nuclear companies to study the idea.

According to Lloyd’s, Mr. Wei had called on international industry organizations like Intertanko and the International Chamber of Shipping to support the safe (?) use of nuclear energy to power ships.

Chinese Shipping Company Mulls a Nuclear-Powered Fleet – Green Inc. Blog –

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Alleged uranium deal between Kazakhstan and Iran

Russia to probe alleged Iran uranium deal with Kazakhstan

Sources: RIA Novosti, Associated Press

December 31, 2009 Washington,   (WashingtonTV)—Russia said on Thursday that it had no knowledge of an alleged uranium deal between Iran and Kazakhstan, but it will look into the allegations. Continue reading

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Contrary to those pro-nuclear lies, Renewable energy can power the world

There Is Plenty Renewable Energy to Fight Global Warming | AlterNetTHE HUFFINGTON POST by Jurriaan Kamp 31 Dec 09 The shift from our current fossil fuel based economies to sustainable renewable energy economies is usually presented as a great challenge. That is also the message coming from the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. Oil companies tell us that it can be done but that we need decades to get there. The numbers tell a bit of a different story.

Continue reading

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Lithuania’s nuclear reactor closes down

Lithuania to shut its only nuclear power station By Gabriel Gatehouse BBC News 31 December 2009

Lithuania is to shut down its one and only nuclear power station in Visaginas on 31 December.

One hour before midnight, staff at the Ignalina plant will flick the switches, shutting down the only nuclear reactor in the Baltic states.

The closure of the Soviet-era plant was a condition of Lithuania’s membership of the European Union…..It was built to the same design as Chernobyl, which was behind the worst civil nuclear disaster in history when one of its reactors overheated in 1986.

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Media not sufficiently covering CT scans’ radiation risk

Let’s hope the media gives this as much attention as they do with their traditionally disproportionate reporting on a given test’s benefits.

Radiation from CT scans increases the risk of cancer | 29 Dec 09 The Archives of Internal Medicine recently released a study concluding that “roughly 72 million CT scans performed in the U.S. in 2007 will ultimately cause some 29,000 cases of cancer.” Continue reading

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Local community opposes uranium mill

Top Story of 2009. A Uranium Mill in Paradox Valley? Controversial Uranium Mill Makes Strides Toward Approval The WATCH by Karen JamesDec 30, 2009 “………vocal mill opponents cited concern about its potential to negatively impact health, the environment, and any hope of developing a sustainable economy based on agriculture and recreation in Paradox Valley because of the negative perception they believe the mill would create.

The proposed mill has sharply divided the region to highlight a fundamental rift between its rural residents and their more urban counterparts.One sentiment commonly heard during the hearings was that only recent area transplants and, generally speaking, anyone from Telluride, opposed the mill………….

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US: Pro nuke senator tries to stop solar energy plan

Nuclear Plant Planned For California, Despite State Ban Green Light Michael Kanellos | December 30, 2009“……..U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein continues to move ahead with a plan that would prevent solar thermal power plants, one of the more cost-effective forms of alternative enrgy, from going up in the Mojave. A thermal plant is one heck of a lot cleaner than a nuclear plant when you consider the construction materials and nuclear waste. And, unlike PV panels or wind, solar thermal plants produce power in steady, large quantities.

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Increasing opposition to UK nuclear plant

New group opposes Hinkley Point nuclear plans BBC News 30 December 2009

A pressure group has been formed to lobby for changes to plans to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Continue reading

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California’s ban on nuclear plants – no bar to investment group

Group moves ahead on Calif. nuclear plant  Dec. 30, 2009
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 30 (UPI)A French engineering firm has signed a deal with California investors to build one or two nuclear power plants, a project banned under current California law. Continue reading

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United Arab Emirates could spark off nuclear arms race

UAE Joins The Nuclear Club. Who’s Next? Energy Tribune  Dec. 30, 2009 By Andres Cala This week, the United Arab Emirates awarded a $20 billion contract to South Korea’s state power company to build four 1,400 megawatt nuclear reactors by 2020.The UAE’s will be the first Arab country with nuclear power. Continue reading

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Need to discuss radiation risks of airport scanning

I’ve read nothing about the accumulated radiation risk. Will pregnant women be forced to submit? What about women who aren’t certain that they’re pregnant?

Getting X-Rayed at the Airport: Radiation Risk Anyone? Huffington Post Carol Felsenthal December 30, 2009 I read in both Chicago dailies and the New York Times and Wall Street Journal much about the full-body scanners that seem destined for airports around the world– in hopes that they might prevent another near miss like the Christmas Day attempt by the young Nigerian to blow a hole in the side of the Amsterdam to Detroit airplane. Continue reading

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