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Alarming increase in Thyroid Cancer


Alarming increase in Thyroid Cancer Doctors advise ‘check your neck’ 12 News 14 July 09 by Jill Hanks – Jul. 13, 2009 04:50 PM12 NewsThyroid cancer rates have increased more than 6 percent per year over the last decade, making it the fastest-increasing cancer in the U.S. But experts aren’t sure why…………….

……………Women are much more likely than men to develop thyroid problems, according to Dr. Verso and they are also three times more likely to develop thyroid cancer.

Alarming increase in Thyroid Cancer

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Uranium mining and Indian country

Uranium Mining and Indian Country Native America Discovered and Conquered , Robert J. Miller, 6 July 09 For some “strange” reason, over 50% of the uranium mined in the U.S. has been taken from Indian lands. This has led to numerous problems and claims of cancers and deaths, most notably on the Navajo Nation Reservation.A recent story shows that this problem extends to many other reservations.“A report from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry warns members of the Spokane Tribe of Washington not to hunt, fish or gather medicinal plants near a defunct uranium mine.The report also said tribal members shouldn’t use water from the Blue Creek due to contamination from the old Midnite Mine. People who go near the site shouldn’t stay more than an houri in order to limit exposure to radiation, the agency said.

Native America, Discovered and Conquered » Blog Archive » Uranium mining and Indian country

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It’s time to stand up to the energy giants

It’s time to stand up to the energy giants Guardian UK, by John Sauven 13 July 2009 Renewable energy will never take off as long as the industry is dominated by European utilities Against the backdrop of the worldwide economic downturn, it is ironic that the area often said to have the least business certainty, the renewables sector, is one of the few success stories. Globally this industry is bucking the trends, creating millions of new green jobs, increasing countries’ energy independence and reducing climate-changing emissions…………………………Not so much the “voice of British business” as the voice of French and German energy monopolies, for too long E.ON, RWE and EDF have dictated the terms of the British energy debate. Today’s CBI report advocating that Britain scale back its renewable ambitions yet further is just the latest tactic by these utilities to shaft British business efforts in clean tech out of fear of new competition and the threat posed to their “business as usual” approach. EDF and E.ON admit they oppose ambition on renewables in case they undermine the economic case for the nuclear power stations they want to build. These arguments are now parroted verbatim by the CBI.
t is no coincidence that Germany and Spain, which have shut the door on new nuclear power, have invested most in renewables and seen their green industries rocket. Spain now generates as much as 40% of its electricity from wind power and studies show the investment in renewables has lowered wholesale electricity prices in Spain by more than the cost of the incentive they used to kickstart the industry. Germany has created almost a quarter of a million new green jobs in renewables as a whole and £8.5bn a year for its economy from wind industry sales alone.

While other countries got ahead of the UK in green tech, in a textbook case of the power of special interests operating in Whitehall, energy officials in Britain lobbied together with two German energy giants and the French state-owned atomic industry to systematically undermine and sabotage UK efforts on renewables…………………………….anti-wind nimby groups with links to giant PR firms were set up to whip up anti-renewable hysteria with little transparency and much suspicion about who was really behind them, especially given that national government polling shows that 80% of people support wind power. Plans were even announced to knock down a wind farm to make way for a nuclear plant.

It’s time to stand up to the energy giants | John Sauven | Comment is free |

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Marking the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. nuclear meltdown

Marking the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. nuclear meltdown Los Angeles Times By Louis Sahagun
July 13, 2009

Holly Huff, 58, believes her leukemia and thyroid problems are related to the radioactive gases released from the Atomics International laboratory near her home when she was 8 years old.
A reactor in Chatsworth began leaking radioactive gas on July 14, 1959. Some area residents blame the facility for their health issues and say the site remains contaminated……………………………..A reactor at the Atomics International field laboratory in the Santa Susana Mountains had experienced a power surge the night before and spewed radioactive gases into the atmosphere………………………..the Environmental Protection Agency’s plans to spend $40 million in stimulus funds on a comprehensive radioactive survey of the nuclear site.

“It’s about time,” said Holly Huff, who was 8 years old when the meltdown occurred a mile from her home.

Standing on a bluff overlooking the 2,850-acre facility, which is now owned by Boeing Co. and NASA, Huff said, “They say it will be cleaned up by 2017 — I doubt it. We’ll wait and see.”………………

………………….For about two weeks, the facility, which employed several thousand people, had been venting colorless and odorless radioactive gas into the environment.

“Radioactivity levels during the accident went off-scale,” said Dan Hirsch, a spokesman for the antinuclear group Committee to Bridge the Gap. “We thus do not know to this day how much radioactivity was released.”

Details of the incident were not disclosed until 1979, when a group of UCLA students discovered documents and photographs that referred to a problem at the site involving a “melted blob.”

Ever since, residents have worried about downstream health risks associated with soil contaminated by years of rocket and nuclear testing.

Radioactive emissions from the accident could have resulted in 260 to 1,800 cases of cancer within 62 miles of the site over a “period of many decades,” according to a study released in 2006…………………………………… Half a century after the accident, nuclear cleanup operations and chemical decontamination remain incomplete.

By Louis Sahagun
July 13, 2009

Marking the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. nuclear meltdown – Los Angeles Times

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Atomic Nightmare: Krümmel Accident Puts Question Mark over Germany’s Nuclear Future

Krümmel Accident Puts Question Mark over Germany’s Nuclear FutureBy SPIEGEL 13 July 09 The recent accident at the Krümmel nuclear power plant in northern Germany was more serious than was previously known. Anglea Merkel’s Christian Democrats are now finding themselves on the defensive with their plans to extend the life of German nuclear reactors………..

It was already awkward enough for Vattenfall that the accident, which resembled a similar breakdown two years ago, occurred after it had spent €300 million ($420 million) upgrading the plant. As in the 2007 incident, this time there was also a short circuit in a transformer. The reactor, which had just been started up, quickly had to be shut down again on Saturday, July 4.

Züfle was also forced to admit that the accident in the nuclear power plant was more serious than previously known. In addition to the transformer problem, he conceded, there was damage to “perhaps a few fuel elements,” namely the radioactive core of a nuclear power plant.

Atomic Nightmare: Krümmel Accident Puts Question Mark over Germany’s Nuclear Future – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

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POWER POLITICS: West Virginia redefines dirty energy as “alternative”

POWER POLITICS: West Virginia redefines dirty energy as “alternative” FACING SOUTH 14 July 09  “………. In the recent legislative session, Gov. Joe Manchin (D) (in photo at right) championed and state lawmakers approved an energy portfolio standard bill requiring 25% of generation to come from “alternative and renewable” sources by 2025. But the new standard, which goes into effect this month, has defined “alternative” to include……………………… nuclear power, which releases radioactive pollution to the environment and also produces dangerous waste products.
The West Virginia Environmental Council head lobbyist Donald S. Garvin Jr. blasted the new standard in an op-ed:
No other state includes natural gas as a source of “alternative” energy. Nuclear energy is included by only a few, and they specify “advanced generation” nuclear facilities.

ISS – POWER POLITICS: West Virginia redefines dirty energy as “alternative”

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