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Peace on a Nuclear Free Earth

Peace on Earth to people of good will

But what is good will? How is it shown?   The answer is in respect for one another.  Respect means listening to the other’s point of view, and clearly saying your own point of view. It means discussion, argument – communication.  It can be difficult and time consuming.  It often seems easier to just hit someone, show them who’s boss, as we have seen in countless Hollywood films – where might is right.

Communication is the alternative to war  – and people use communication to get along, and resolve differences – at home, in the community, the region – and nationally and internationally.

The world is pretty much at the crossroads now.  Some Israeli and USA politicians threaten military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran threatens retaliation. North Korea continues to be  a nuclear weapons worry and China, India, USA, Russia, UK ramp up their nuclear weapons. Threats,  decisions for violent action – it all seems simpler quicker, easier –  easier than communication, negotiation.

All this goes on accompanied by a lot of doublespeak  –  “weapons for security”  weapons for peace” –  when it is becoming more apparent that there will be no winners in a nuclear conflict.

The entire world would be the loser – even in a “limited” nuclear conflict – as for example, between India and Pakistan.  For one thing Climate Change would be instant – as nuclear explosions’ clouds would cut out the sulight for a long time.

But the entire world is the loser now, as with depleted uranium weapons used in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia – spread their cancerous dust around the world.

Harvey Wassermann  has warned  USA, (and other countries) about the “warfare state” – in which the production of weapons is seen as an economic plus.

While people worldwide want peace, and especially, an end to nuclear weapons, governments seem quite unable and unwilling to act effectively towards nuclear disarmament, and the spread of nuclear weapons.

Non government peace movements have a long and noble history, and their work is now more critical than ever. Now, they are becoming more organised, and governments can no longer ignore their voices.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is a global grassroots movement for the total elimination of nuclear weapons through a legally binding, verifiableNuclear Weapons Convention.

With more than 200 partner organizations in 60 countries, ICAN  provides a voice to the overwhelming majority of people globally who support the prompt abolition of nuclear weapons.

Prominent individuals such as anti-apartheid leader Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams have lent their support to the campaign.  CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations.

CND opposes all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction: their development, manufacture, testing, deployment and use or threatened use by any country.

Our external strategic objectives, as decided by delegates to our annual conference, are:

  1. Elimination of British nuclear weapons and global abolition of nuclear weapons
    • Cancellation of Trident by the British government. And policy not to replace or enhance Trident nor develop, purchase or deploy other nuclear weapons or allow the deployment of any foreign nuclear weapons on British soil or in British waters.
    • An all encompassing Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty is agreed.
    • Implementation of an arms conversion policy by the British government
    • Immediate negotiations leading swiftly to the rapid, timetabled abolition of nuclear forces worldwide and the conclusion of a Nuclear Weapons Convention
    • Prevention and cessation of wars in which the nuclear weapons of Britain or other countries might be used
  2. Abolition of other threats of mass destruction or indiscriminate effect
    • Full international compliance with agreed Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)
    • A strengthened Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) agreed
    • Global abandonment of space weapons and missile defence programmes. An international agreement on the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space
    • Implementation of a ban on the manufacture, testing and use of Depleted Uranium weapons
  3. Nuclear-free, less militarised and more secure Europe
    • Extension of the influence, resources and funding of the Organisation for Security and Co- Operation on Europe (OSCE)
    • No military nuclearisation of the European Union
    • Withdrawal of all US military bases and nuclear weapons from Europe and no nuclear or other expansion of NATO
    • Formal Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones in Europe established.
    • Britain withdrawn from NATO and all foreign military bases on British soil closed.
  4. The closure of the nuclear power industry
    • Prevention of new build nuclear power stations and replacement of nuclear by universally acceptable sustainable energy technologies
    • Establishment of safe policies on nuclear waste storage and on re- use of contaminated land transport of plutonium and depleted uranium
    • Independent control and verification of plutonium, uranium and depleted uranium stocks.

We aim to…

Change Government policies to bring about the elimination of British nuclear weapons as a major contribution to global abolition.

Stimulate wide public debate on the need for alternatives both to the nuclear cycle and to military attempts to resolve conflict.

Empower people to engage actively in the political process and to work for a nuclear-free and peaceful future.

Co-operate with other groups in the UK and internationally to ensure the development of greater mutual security

As a British campaign, we concentrate first and foremost on British nuclear weapons but we also work with anti-nuclear groups in other countries to eliminate the global threat. CND is also present at the United Nations and other international disarmament conferences.

CND is funded entirely by its members and supporters. You can help by supporting CND. Join us today


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  1. All energy related invention is prevented by the greed of governments polices that enrich the policy makers.mine invention has not seen the light of days.because of unhindered corruption and its dependency on nuclear that it replaces easily .with its speed of light capacity’s.

    Comment by steven lonien | July 11, 2014 | Reply

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