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Nuclear would be labeled ‘clean energy’ under new legislation

KEVIN GARCIA-GALINDO, MAY 22, 2023, The Carolina Journal

Senate Bill 678, “Promote Clean Energy,” currently in the N.C. House Rules Committee, could pave the way for more investment in nuclear energy in North Carolina.

The bill would relabel “renewable energy resources” as “clean energy resources” in the State’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard and add nuclear fission and fusion into the definition of clean energy. If approved by the state legislature, this bill would make nuclear energy a viable option toward replacing coal-fired power plants with new cleaner sources.

S.B. 678 would also help further the proliferation of nuclear energy by eliminating statutes that had previously restricted the construction of nuclear facilities in House Bill 951, which passed in 2021.


The N.C. Senate passed S.B. 678 in late April, but it is now seeing opposition from Gov. Roy Cooper. At the State Energy Conference last month, Cooper told business leaders that he did not want politicians to be seen as influencing which energy sources are prioritized over others.

 Environmental activist group CleanAIRE NC told the Wilmington Star-News in a statement that “nuclear energy may be zero-emission, but it is not renewable and it’s certainly not clean. … Uranium is a mined resource. And on the backend storing nuclear waste poses major, unanswered safety questions. With wind and solar capacity rapidly expanding, is it really worth gambling with our health and safety?”

A Cooper spokesperson stated that the governor would not look at the bill until it reached his desk…………………………………………………..


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  1. We were told back in the 1950’s that nuclear (atomic) energy would be “too cheap to meter.” That nuclear power was safe, clean and economical. Well none of that is true. That is the “societal secret.” We have the resources and the technology to provide for 100 of our enegy needs without fossil or nucelar power. All we lack is the political will to so because the nuclear, fossl fuel & centralized, for profit electric utilities, are so profit addicted that they have bought the votes of the elected leaders from both parties in the Congress and the State Houses. Go to the website of The Solutions Project for the detail plans for all 50 states and 146 Countries from around the world to meet our energy needs with just wind, photovoltaic, geothermal and hydroelectric power. Contrary to the propaganda from the centralized, profit addicted fossil & nuclear industries, we will not “starve and freeze in the dark, nor wreck our economy in the process,” If we transition now to renewable energy. Nuclear energy is not cheap, nor safe and totally unnecessary for our energy needs or as a “transition fuel,” or “transition technology.” Has everone forgotten about Three Mile Island, Cherynoble, or Fukishima? Acts of god are not permited or covered by private or public insurance

    Comment by paulrodenlearning | May 24, 2023 | Reply

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