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What is Black Climate Week?

Black communities make the smallest carbon footprint, yet they face the worst of environmental degradation  This proximity to the problems means frontline communities are also at the forefront of climate solutions. Yet, they receive the least amount of support. To create equitable climate solutions, we must honor the leadership, voices, and stories of Black communities. Philanthropy MUST dismantle historical barriers & move forward with transparency, accountability, and solidarity.

With this commitment in mind, The Solutions Project created #BlackClimateWeek. Recognized during Black History Month, Black Climate Week honors the innovative climate solutions and environmental justice work that Black folk have been leading for years, while simultaneously calling in philanthropy & the media to do a better job at investing in the communities most impacted by the climate crisis and centering Black voices from the bottom up and the top down.

Now in it’s third year, this award-winning campaign is focused on philanthropy and its power to create the future we want by showing up in solidarity with Black communities advancing a just transition to an equitable and regenerative economy. As climate action rises in importance across all communities, a spotlight on Black leadership offers a powerful path forward.


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  1. Things are getting too ugly to comprehend. The greedguts and psychos have pushed the world to a nervous breakdown

    Comment by Sophia | May 16, 2023 | Reply

  2. Black and brown people, in the usa have a history of being relegated to housing in neighborhoods w chemical plants and refineries close by or having plants built in neighbohoods they lived in for generations. Industrial ghettos. Especially in the south. Rich White asshole, politicians, dont care that their children are sick and they have high cancers rates.
    Black people in the usa have always been acutely aware of the dangers, posed by nuclear radiation and nuclear waste. That is unlike the stupid genetically damaged, white pricks that push the nuclear crap and, exhort themselves, as so superior to black people. Perhaps its because of the genocidal legacy of cracker bastards, in the usa, of using black folk, as guineau pigs

    Comment by Troy ray | May 16, 2023 | Reply

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