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Pentagon wants authority to start work on new technologies without Congressional approval

Jared Serbu @jserbuWFED, May 8, 2023 

Over the last several years, Congress has passed several pieces of legislation meant to speed up the Defense Department’s acquisition system. Now, DoD officials have an idea of their own: they’re asking for new authorities that would let the military services begin early work on critical new programs without lawmakers’ explicit permission, arguing the current approval process takes too long and risks putting the U.S. military at a technological disadvantage.

………………………………….. If Congress agrees to the proposal as part of next year’s Defense authorization bill, DoD would be able to spend up to $300 million on new programs without getting Congressional approval: lawmakers would only be notified about a new start after a decision has been made……………………….


May 13, 2023 - Posted by | USA, weapons and war


  1. This is an outrage. Spending money, without Congressional approval, taxpayer money. That is un-Constitutional and an abuse of power. There is too much waste, abuse, fraud and misuse with the Pentagon and Defense Contractors. President Eisenhower, a former WWII General warned us of the “Military-Industrial Complex,” as he was leaving office. This is just the continued manifestation of that warning. We need a “Peace Race” not an “Arms Race.” The only thing that war mongering will do is prove decisively that we are all cremated equally.

    Comment by paulrodenlearning | May 13, 2023 | Reply

    • paulrodenlearning Thank you for your excellent, informative comments.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | May 13, 2023 | Reply

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