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This week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news. I’ve been ignoring energy sources other than nuclear. But that’s hard to do this week. I’ve come to at least 3 very positive stories: Germany produces 40GW of solar, and much of it exported to other countries. Great Lakes wind power could give Ontario to 100% renewable energy.   Bristol solar farm connects directly to the grid

ClimateRecord low Antarctic sea ice is another alarming sign the ocean’s role as climate regulator is changing

Christina NotesTime for a laugh – in this sorry world.

Nuclear. Sorry – it’s no different from last week – war-mongering rhetoric. But James W. Pfister offers a timely reminder of President John F. Kennedy and Chairman Nikita Khrushchev’s joint “withdrawal from the brink” in 1962. “Both sides settled for less than a win.”

AUSTRALIA. Australian prime minister feigns concern for Assange but defends “national security” secrecy.

Labor’s serial betrayal of Australia. JOHN PILGER: Danger of war exists if we don’t speak up now. Location for nuclear submarine’s base ‘close to a decade’ away. Port Kembla May Day march rejects AUKUS nuclear submarine base plan. Unions, communities tell Labor: ‘Port Kembla is no place for a nuclear base’. Unions to march against nuclear subs, citing health risks over jobs. Port Kembla rally to demand NSW site be ruled out as Aukus nuclear submarine base. AUKUS high-level nuclear waste dump must be subject to Indigenous veto.

CLIMATE. Former Nuclear Leaders: Say ‘No’ to New Reactors,

CIVIL LIBERTIES. Julian Assange makes ‘Kingly Proposal’ to Charles III.

ECONOMICS. Newbuild: How Much of Vogtle Nuclear Plant’s Capital Costs Can Southern Recover?   Canada and Ontario are turning to nuclear energy as a green solution –Here’s the problem with that

  Marketing. Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick, Canada, heads to Europe to promote non-existent small nuclear reactors. The Philippines to be the South East Asian guinea pig for NuScam’s small nuclear reactors? US Sells Taiwan 400 Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles – Profits and Provocations, Not Protection 

HEALTH. DEPLETED URANIUM: COURTS ACCEPT CANCER RISK DENIED BY ARMY. Radiation. Ukrainian soldiers train to deal with radiation as worries over nuclear plant grow.

MEDIAMultiple US Officials Confronted About US Assange Hypocrisy On World Press Freedom Day Hypocritical Commemorations: World Press Freedom Day. The Antidote to Oliver Stone is Philippe Carillo’s Film “Fukushima Disaster: The Hidden Side of the Story” . A nuclear Bacchanalia .

NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY. The danger of artificial intelligence controlling nuclear codes. A mess of different Small Nuclear Reactor Designs in UK.

OPPOSITION to NUCLEARAbolish Nukes, Kishida, G7!

PERSONAL STORIES. A life uprooted and stolen — Japanese victims speak A Tribute to Daniel Ellsberg .


Fukushima: Only 1% of people return home despite lifting of evacuation order


POLITICS INTERNATIONAL and DIPLOMACYJames W. Pfister: Cumulative risk and nuclear war.          Biden’s leadership on nuclear disarmament to be tested in Hiroshima,

PROTESTS. Protest against investment in Sizewell C nuclear power station.


 More Than 1,600 Evacuated From Areas Near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant.          IAEA head calls situation near Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant ‘unpredictable and potentially dangerous‘. Record high water levels threaten dam near Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. Evacuations spur UN watchdog concern over Ukraine nuclear plant. Disaster Fears After Explosives Found Inside Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant. 

 France’s government postpones its nuclear safety reform indefinitely. Backup generator at Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant fails, triggering special federal review. ‘Lessons not being learned’ as nuclear safety lapses rocket by a third in a year. West Hartford Preps For Hypothetical Nuclear Nightmare.

SECRETS and LIES. Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and the ‘made men’ of the Biden administration. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken embroiled in alleged attempt to influence US officials on allegedly corrupt company Burisma.

Former CIA Officer Says Decision to Drone Attack Kremlin Was Made by the United States. Meet the Ukrainian children killed by US/NATO funding and weapons.

WASTESWhat happens to the UK’s nuclear waste?    Germany’s Asse nuclear waste interim storage facility continues to cause controversy.

WAR and CONFLICTRussia ‘very unlikely’ to use nuclear weapons, US intel chief. WWIII on the Instalment Plan. The dangers of nuclear escalation have not receded. US ‘Dangerously Close’ To Another Nuclear Missile Crisis; After Russia, China Could Respond To Deployment Of Nuke Subs To S.Korea.   As US-China Tensions Mount, We Must Resist the Push Toward Interimperialist War.   

WEAPONS and WEAPONS SALES. The Twenty-First Century of (Profitable) War– Not Your Grandfather’s Military-Industrial Complex. Nuclear weapons may not be in Seoul’s best interestImpending NATO inductee Finland welcomes “significant military infrastructure” from Pentagon .  


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    There 900 in that camp, in pheonix, and there are 20 times that number of homeless, in pheonix. Pheonix is medium sized city. There are milions of homeless in the usa. Bidens inflation reduction act turns, billions of dollats of public owned works and housing, over to private ownership. Rent and everything else is already outrageous.
    Biden is a conservative, neolibeleberal, MILITARIST, fascist, warmonger. Trump is a blatantly insane, racist who would put most of the usa into the streets. The usa is a hopeless, shithole with daily mass shootings.
    Bidens raising of interest rates, means flat housing sales. It means several banks failing. The rising interest rates and corporate price gouging, means lower wages and more inflation. The usa is a dystopian right-wing shithole, with starlkley rising poverty rates, incarceration rates, and grusomely decreasing rate in life-expectancy for all ages of people. . Only the most incompetent, vicious, deranged old psychopaths are allowed to run for president

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