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Fears that France’s nuclear safety system may now fail – from Nuclear Transparency Watch, 11 French and European NGOs and 23 members of European Parliament.

The nuclear watchdog organisation Nuclear Transparency Watch wrote an open
letter together with 11 French and European NGOs and 23 Members of the
European Parliament (see the lists below) to the French Ministry of Energy
Transition expressing their concerns about the survival of the quality of
the French nuclear safety system.

This open letter was sent in the context
of the French national debate at the National Assembly regarding a reform
of the French nuclear safety system foreseeing the dismantlement of the
Institute for Radioprotection and nuclear safety (IRSN), which is the
French independent nuclear technical support organisation.

On 15 March, this reform was rejected by the Assembly, in fact this reform was
considered unjustified, not being supported by any kind of safety impact
assessment and also dangerous in the perspective of a rapid development of
nuclear facilities.

As a European network, NTW sees this reform as a
potential threat to the nuclear safety culture in Europe with a risk of
downgrading the safety standards set by the well-recognised independent and
dual French nuclear safety system now in place.

Nuclear Transparency Watch 20th March 2023


March 25, 2023 - Posted by | France, safety

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