The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope

Nuclear news this week – as we remember Fukushima

Some bits of good news – It’s time for some good news about protections for mother Earth.

Climate. 60 Climate Feedbacks & “A Better Catastrophe”.

Coronavirus. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update.

Nuclear. 11 March was the 12 year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. The Japanese government would prefer that this should be forgotten. Trouble is – the catastrophe is not over.

As an Australian, I am finding our media – TV, radio, newspapers – quite nauseating. All falling over themselves in an orgasmic joy over the decision to pay $squillions for motley USA-UK-pretend-Australian nuclear submarines, that will be useless for monitoring our coast, but useful for feeding the coffers of USA-UK weapons-makers who now seem to own their governments. Everyone’s on the bandwagon – even former PM Kevin Rudd, supposedly a friend of China, now twisting himself in knots with weasel words about China, as he’s about to be Australia’s ambassador to Washington.  We need a Diogenes, to go about Australian politics and media,  in daylight, with a lighted lantern, trying to find an honest person.


EDUCATION. Nuclear and space lobbies increase their grip on universities, a new example in UK . The extraordinary popularity of renewable energy university courses.

ENVIRONMENT. Campaigners claim permit change at Hinkley Point would kill billions of fish.

HEALTHWhy were studies canceled? The voices of the victims Social effects. 2 yrs after Fukushima nuclear disaster, gov’t not facing evacuees’ hardship.

LEGAL. Another executive goes to prison for lying about doomed nuclear project. National remembrance day , and huge civil case penalty for Tepco executives, but memory of Fukushima now fading in Japan.

MEDIA. Australian Media Are Outright Telling Us They Are Feeding Us War Propaganda About China. Australian corporate papers call for war with China, nuclear weapons and mass conscription.

OPPOSITION To NUCLEAR. In Taiwan, strong opposition to extending life of nuclear reactor.

PERSONAL STORIESFukushima’s first responders recall the disaster 12 years on.

PLUTONIUM. DOE wanted to quadruple plutonium pit production. For now, activists have stopped them.

POLITICS. The Nightmare Espionage Act That is Killing Julian Assange and the First Amendment Some ‘sober thinking’ remains in Ukraine as portions of population are in favor of peace talks.

POLITICS INTERNATIONAL and DIPLOMACYSaudi Arabia Seeks U.S. Security Pledges, Nuclear Help. Saudi Arabia seeks US security guarantees, nuclear assistance in return for Israel normalisation.

PROTESTSFukushima Vigil Outside the UK’s Uranium Fuel Manufacturing Factory .

RADIATIONLow-dose radiation linked to increased lifetime risk of heart disease. Dr Ian Fairlie -Low-dose radiation a health danger in the nuclear industry , as well as in medicine.


SECRETS and LIESFake ‘nuclear bomb’ alert on TV and radio scares Russians.

SPACE. EXPLORATION, WEAPONS.  War in space: U.S. officials debating rules for a conflict in orbit.

SPINBUSTERHow the nuclear lobby scuttled the EU’s anti-greenwashing tool.

WASTESTwelve years after 3/11, dispute grows over Fukushima’s radioactive soil. What´s happening at Fukushima plant 12 years after meltdown? Massive amounts of fatally radioactive melted nuclear fuel remain inside the reactors. Pacific island leaders urge Japan to stop dumping nuclear waste into ocean: report. Graphite – deadly dirt or dusty diamonds? Ocean discharge is the worst plan for Fukushima waste water.  new blow to fishermen.

WAR and CONFLICT Rare admission from Australia’s corporate media that hosting America’s Pine Gap surveillance system makes Australia a legitimate target for long-range ICBMs. Observations on the NATO-Russia Ukrainian War. Ukraine: A war to end all wars in Europe. The Foreseeable End of Ukraine. Netanyahu justifies strikes on nuclear facilities. Romania: airborne troops among 100,000 U.S. forces in Europe poised for war with Russia.



March 13, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes


  1. Modern Fascism, is deeply linked to nuclear energy(japan, ukraine, russia, france, uk, usa), nuclear weapns and subs(usa, russia, australia, uk), crime and corruption.  It is the last stage of political organization, in corrupt, industrial societies. It is antidemocratic. It denies, climate change and industrial pollution. Fascism scapegoats groups of people, as the cause of problems. Fascism ignores the results of climate change, industrial pollution, and declining life expectancies, in declining industrial nations. Fascism denies these industrial ills, that cause climate change and cause dangerous levels of heavy metal and, chemical pollution. In fact, fascists, deregulate toxic substance controls and bans.
    Fascists, want to increase fossil fuel extraction and, nuclear energy production.
    Suicidal denial, projection, and irrationality, in a very sick society.
    Turning to fascism, signals the death-knell, for a decaying, dying nationality, in the anthropocene age. That is because, of it’s reactionary and antidemocratic nature.
    Italy’s mafias, have dumped concentrated high-level, nuclear waste, in municipalities dumps in Italy,  for  the past 4 decades. Heavy metal pollution like lead,  arsenic,  radionuclides,  and mercury is widespread and has high prevalence in all industrial societies.  Arsenic and radium, comes from car exhaust, from burning fossil fuels.
    Lead and uranium are in water, from fracking and leaded pipes.
    Mercury and radiocuclides in foods, comes  from years of mercury pollution, nuclear waste, nuclear accidents, and nuclear power.  
    High toxic pollution levels exist, in most capitalist and mixed-economy consumption-based, societies.
    The metals cause physical disability and dementia, in already failing societies.
    Western countries descending into fascism already suffer parliamentry stalemate, austerity economics, economic decline,  the interference  of other countries in their politics and economies. Pollution, climate change,  and fascism, are sure to lead to  the accelerated, suicidal decline of Italy.
    It is a society that will only decline further, with such an irrational political system, until it implodes in this anthropocene age, as Japan is, under the weight of Fukushima. The usa is decaying rapidly,with its obscene military budgets and debt, in a semifascist, military-oligarchy. The Ukraine is collapsing, under the weight of chernobyl and this apocolyptic, proxy war.

    Comment by Earta Caln | March 13, 2023 | Reply

    • Why dont you put this up?

      Comment by Earta Caln | March 14, 2023 | Reply

      • It will go up.
        Takes me quite a while to organise my posts

        Comment by Christina Macpherson | March 14, 2023

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