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TODAY. Nuclear economics – the road to fascism.

Western world politicians are twisting themselves into knots, trying to convince their electorates, and themselves, that nuclear power is economically viable.

Russia and China don’t have that agonising problem, as in those countries, the taxpayer dutifully forks out the money, and there’s no pretense that nuclear power is a great way to choose invest your savings. (However, China is obviously aware that renewable energy is a much more economic way to go)

Freed from having to persuade the public of nuclear power’s cheapness, Russia and China are able to go allout for nuclear weapons, which are really now the only purpose of the nuclear industry.

The Wester nuclear industry, and its bought politicians and journalists now work hard to convince a sceptical public of the economic benefit of small nuclear reactors, and even of big ones, too. It’s tough enough to keep pushing that big lie – that nuclear will solve climate change. But as global heating adversely affects the reactors, the job of pitching nuclear as beneficial and cheap, gets ever harder.

Russia and China show the way to go. Stop pretending that Mum and Dad can invest in NuScam or Rolls Royce or Hinkley or all the other nuclear front tricks. Just admit that the big money is in weaponry industries, and let the governments get on with the job of squandering tax-payer money on toys like small nuclear reactors – whose only real purpose is to facilitate the nuclear weapons industry.

Unfortunately, this approach, while being easier for governments, is not good for democracy. The Russian and Chinese people have little choice to dissent from their governments. Indeed, in those regimes, a person’s dissent can result in that person’s disappearance. That’s dictatorship, that’s totalitarianism. For the Western world, it’s certainly in the interest of the nuclear industry to have the governments running it. For the nuclear industry – fascism would be the successful way to go.


March 12, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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