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Why are the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the corporate media ignoring the safety problems of Holtec’s thin-walled nuclear waste canisters?

Koeberg Thin Walled Holtec Nuclear Waste Canister In S. Africa Leaked After 17 Years, More Holtec Canister Problems That Threaten Massive Radiological Releases, Explosion & Criticality Risks From Holtec Canisters, Potential Canister Problem At Diabalo Canyon After 2 Years.

Title ( (

List of other thin walled nuclear canisters vendors who threaten life on Earth listed at in addition to Holtec. Where is the media? The vaunted “free press”?

NRC ignores Holtec design problem that gouges walls of all San Onofre nuclear waste canisters | San Onofre Safety (

All Holtec nuclear waste thin-wall canisters likely damaged from inferior Holtec downloading systems | San Onofre Safety (   

               NUREG-2224 High Burnup Fuel Storage and Transport | San Onofre Safety ( Explosion & Criticality  Risks From Holtec Thin Walled Canisters, Potential Diabalo Canyon Nuclear waste Canisters After 2 Years


March 9, 2023 - Posted by | safety, USA

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