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A “nuclear alliance” in Europe, as France leads a pack of EU member states to count nuclear energy as “green and renewable” Others disagree.

The EU countries are at odds over the future role of nuclear energy. At a
meeting, eleven countries, including France, agreed to expand nuclear power
cooperation. Germany strictly rejects this.

Eleven member states of the
European Union have agreed on “enhanced cooperation” in the field of
nuclear energy. These include France, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland,
Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and
Slovakia. At the meeting of EU energy ministers in Stockholm, they
specifically decided to promote “new joint projects” alongside existing
nuclear power plants. They also decided to work closely together in the
areas of research and security.

On the one hand, countries like Germany,
Luxembourg, Austria and Spain are strictly against the expansion of nuclear
power in Europe to achieve climate goals. On the other hand, the “nuclear
alliance” led by long-standing nuclear power France wants to further expand
nuclear power. According to a joint statement by the eleven EU countries,
nuclear energy is one of many tools to achieve climate goals. With nuclear
energy, electricity should be produced for the needs of consumers in order
to guarantee “security of supply” in the future. France is committed to
allowing its nuclear power to count toward renewable energy and “green”
hydrogen targets.

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