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Boris Johnson champions small nuclear reactors

Conservative former Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced claims of wanting
his “old job back” as he accused Labour of being anti nuclear. Mr
Johnson urged the Energy Secretary, Grant Shapps, to “accelerate the tech
selection process” as he backed the rollout of British nuclear power. His
comments prompted Labour former Opposition leader, and shadow climate
change secretary, Ed Miliband, to joke: “It’s important to welcome
ex-party leaders to their place, but my only piece of advice is it’s
important to not want your old job back.” Mr Johnson said: “I
congratulate (Grant Shapps) on his continuing commitment to Great British
Nuclear, but is it not vital that we reaffirm the target of 24 gigawatts by
2050 and that we also accelerate the tech selection process, so that small
modular reactors whether made by Rolls Royce or anybody else (can commence
operating). “I think it would be wonderful if they came from this
country, are on contract with Great British Nuclear by the end of the year,
so that we can get back to the nuclear tradition that this country once had
and undo the baleful, luddite, Atomkraft Nein Danke legacy of the party
opposite.” Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle intervened during Mr
Johnson’s comments, saying: “I want to get everybody else in as well.”
Mr Shapps replied: “(Mr Johnson) is of course absolutely right about
this. He will know as the whole House will know that every single nuclear
reactor currently operational in the UK was given permission under the
Conservative Party and he is right to champion Great British nuclear and we
will get the nuclear industry going again. “Indeed, I was the first
energy secretary to put money, £700 million, into nuclear power since

Irish News 28th Feb 2023


March 2, 2023 - Posted by | politics, UK

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