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TODAY. Pauvre chere Agnes – unhappy about “discrimination” against nuclear energy!

Yes, France is the soul of egalite, fraternite and all that (and Yes I dunno how to do the accents on this).

So it’s understandable that French energy minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher should be most upset when other countries belittle mighty France, and its holy nuclear industry.

Trouble is – I think that poor Agnes has got it a bit wrong.

We’re all in awe of France – its cheeses, its wine, culture – natural beauty- wow! it’s superior. But when it comes to France’s much touted nuclear superiority – it is not discriminatory against France, nor its industry – to mention the facts.

Agnes – you and France are going to have to face the facts:

  • Global heating is happening too fast – the wonderful new fleet of reactors would be too late anyway.
  • Climate change, heat, water shortage, are badly affecting France’s nuclear reactors. 
  • France’s reactors have corrosion problems. 
  • Nuclear power is just not “renewable”- depends on a carbon-emitting fuel chain starting with uranium mining.
  • it’s just not “clean and green ” – emits radioactive particles, produces long-lasting toxic wastes. 
  • it’s not affordable. 
  • EDF’s nearly bankrupt – time to stop the pretence
  • in a tense conflict-prone world, nuclear facilities are a dangerous target for terrorism
  • nuclear’s really only useful for supporting the nuclear weapons industry. 
  • it’s popular with the military, the weapons corporations, the bought politicians, but increasingly less so with the general public – who see the preferable alternatives – energy conservation, and wind, solar and other renewable sources.

March 2, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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