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Tulsi Gabbard on the Truth of President Zelensky

February 5, 2023 - Posted by | politics, Ukraine


  1. It’s turning into deranged self parody. Cops murdering black double amputees. Fascist pukes sensationalized a chinese balloon. Musk kicking everyone off twitter. Mgtaylor demanding pay raise while condoning fascist murder. sensationalized tulsi gabbard. Massachusetts democrats offering decreased jail sentences to prisoners of the state for giving up their kidneys and lungs. Fake antivax antinuke nazis that get paid to twitter on musks fascist twitter who supported the antiracist assasinations of rittenhouse and sensationalized it.Millions of homeless and starving in the usa and, 100s of billions sent to nazi demons in Ukraine for war, while multiple nuke plants are on the verge of melting down in ukarine. What a demented mess the world is

    Comment by Terry southard | February 5, 2023 | Reply

    • Terry Southard Oh dear – so now nuclear-news is supposed to be part of a group – murderous police, fascists, the despicable Musk the anti-vax nazis, racist assassins etc ? All because I publicised Tulsi Gabbard’s correct assessment of Zelensky and of the mindless adoration of Zelensky by U.S. politicians.
      No, I’m not sensationalising Tulsi Gabbard – just putting out her badly needed correction of the prevailing silly worship of Zelensky .

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | February 5, 2023 | Reply

      • Her denouncement of zelensky is not sincere. It’s political hogwash. Almost all progressives in the usa know zelensky is a creep. So is tulsi. She condones the neonazi assasinations by Rittenhouse. Strange bedfellows, but that’s what the internet has created. It’s how Trump was created It’s how bolsonaro was created. You don’t care. I could be shot in the head by a racist extremist in the usa and, you would not care. Politics in the usa is almost completely corrupt . That’s the point. Why do you have contempt for this truth. I’m not calling you a nazi or racist. There are paid stooges on the internet and twitter . Paid by dark political money from dems and republicans, who get paid to distort things. The racists scare me. It’s a bitter irony that the republican party is almost completerly, a nazi white supremacist party and that many dems support neonazis in th Ukraine isn’t it. I am not making claims but stating facts. Some white supremacists and extremists hijacked fukushima, though they are pronuclear weapon and pronuclear like Musk. I had always admired nuclear-news till they started trianglating like the worst paid hacks, cynics, politicians. The ignorant. The internet is a powerful tool for white supremacists, pronukers and sensationalist who use followings cynically for money and power

        Comment by Terry southard | February 5, 2023

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