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Tulsi Gabbard on the Truth of President Zelensky

February 2, 2023 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Tulsa gabbard is an infamously dishonest republican and militarist, from a weird hindu cult. She supports the fascist modi. She supports Trump. She would favor nuclear war w China. You come up with the worst examples sometimes Christina. I like you but, have u gone full fash, like all the weirdo triangulators and fox news backstabbing. Like Greenwald, tabbai, Musk fascists, Rogan,Tucker Carlson. It’s getting to the point that fascist oligarch money, will buy anything. Even supposedly honest antinuclear sites. Just sad. This probably won’t be published.
    Why jump in the bed with monsters who really dont care, to prove a point?
    Tulsi even like bolsonaro who ha single handedly destroyed a quarter of the rain forests. Very tragic and sad ma’am. Does Christina still control this website or, is it just another pr and propaganda site for backstabbing rogues, fox news, oligarchs, triangulating pronuke chicken hawks in sheep’s clothing , and other creepy sensationalist. Just don’t smellright

    Comment by Terry SOUTHARD | February 3, 2023 | Reply

    • Terry Southard. First of all – I am not happy with Tulsi Gabbard’s attack on the current American administration. I know very little about Tulsi Gabbard, but I’m not surprised, nor approving if she is an “infamously dishonest republican and militarist from a weird Hindu cult”. That all does not sound good.
      The thing is, she is saying something in this video that needs to be said. It is a bad thing, a dangerous thing, to see the American Congress fawning over this narcissist Zelenksy, who clearly does not care how many Ukrainianians die in his unrealistic quest to crush Russia.
      Now to answer your questions:
      *I’m not jumping into bed with monsters. But if a monster is saying something sensible, that needs to be said – well – I’m in agreement WITH THAT PARTICULAR STATEMENT. (Doesn’t mean that I agree with the rest of her stuff)
      * I still control this website, along with arclight2011, and with the brilliant D’un Renard.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | February 3, 2023 | Reply

  2. There is plenty of documentation of what a monster zelensky is.
    Tulsi gabbard makes her money and fortune off forked tongue sensationalism. She was a military cop. Her father a career militarist. She has no shame, no morals or ethics.
    She now openly campaigns for nuclear war w China.
    By publishing her in any way you promote this abysmal
    Hate, cognitive dissonance and murder. Tragic. Like your promotion of rightwing warmonger Biden and the murderous psychopath musk. Too bad. I’m sure media whores and lesser paid demons send you seemingly innocuous documentation of things that seem to promote your cause but, it is dangerous. There are plenty of erudite progressive and antinuclear voices out there, that hit the nail on the head w zelensky. Propaganda, triangulation, pr, wolves insheeps clothing do matter in this cognitive dissonant age

    Comment by Terry Southard | February 3, 2023 | Reply

    • Terry Southard. Actually even if there is documentation available about Zelensky being a “monster”, most people don’t get to ever see it. The corporate media is awash with praise for Zelensky.
      Yes, I can imagine that Tulsi Gbbard uses “forked tongue sensationalism”. So – if Gabbard were to say that the sun rises in the East – should I then be supposed to say that it doesn’t? This website tries to “just get the facts” out
      Tulsi Gabbard, whether you like it or not, is an influential force in the media, along with other despicable characters like Jordan Peterson, Trump etc. If all the ‘respectable’ ‘progressive’ voices are cheering for Zelensky and mindlessly promoting his zeal for crushing Russia, retaking Crimea etc , – then I think – let’s get out the message with the facts – even if the messenger is someone that we don’t like.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | February 3, 2023 | Reply

      • That’s how they make their money and get their power Christina and u damnwell know that. The sort of people who read nuclear news are more discerning than you think. You can’t slay demons by playing demons for gods sake lady. You are just making things worse. Besides being hippocritical, you are playing into the same propaganda machine you say u despise. Jordan Peterson is an ugly racist and so is tulsi gabbard who endorsed the ugly racist killer Rittenhouse. A nasty racist threatened to kill me today. There is cause and effect.

        You are passionate and that is admirable but watch who you run with. Bother gabbard and pederson are two timing pronuclear media whores and tools of the same evil empire u think u are opposing by referring to them. I have seen this build up for 20 years the racism, the triangulating the disinformation the ugly racism and disenginuation

        Comment by Terry southard | February 3, 2023

      • Terry Southard
        You are probably right. And we might have to agree to differ.
        I’m glad if the readers are more discerning than I think. (And by the way, how do you know what I think?). If they are so discerning – perhaps they can discern the core of what I’m trying to do – which is – to get out the facts.
        My goal is not to “slay demons” – or even to “oppose the evil empire”.
        I am very well aware of the military-industrial-corporate-complex that controls the media. I still sift through it, to FIND FACTS AND TRUTHS – often accidental truths, wherever they may be.

        Comment by Christina Macpherson | February 3, 2023

  3. The demons are the pronuclear bomb nuts. Perhaps nuclear power people are not as bad. I have read Dr caldicotts books. I follow her I follow you so you’d be surprised about what knowledgability I have. The political snakes like tulsi gabbard and pederson believe in the infallibility of nuclear deterrence and that’s all u really have to know and racism is an evil unto itself. Comon lady grow a stronger moral backbone. You so a lot of good things but in this instance there is more.

    Comment by Terry southards | February 3, 2023 | Reply

  4. Tulsi gabbard is nothing more than a fascist insect celebrity military and millioaire, speaking things that she rally doesn’t believe to get more notoriety. Why not put up article from real progressives and victims under zelensky whose survival and words mean something

    Comment by Ed | February 4, 2023 | Reply

    • Ed. Thank you. I am sure that you are absolutely right – “speaking things that she rally doesn’t believe to get more notoriety. ” I don’t know anything much about Tulsi Gabbard – sounds like abit of a nutter – but perhaps an influential politician. She might not believe in her own criticism of Zelensky etc – but it happens to be a valid criticism. As to Caitlin Johnstone – she is without doubt my top favourite writer – and I consistently publish her stuff. And thanks for this most recent link. I’ll keep putting up the important facts and ideas, whether they come from “good” sources or “bad” sources.

      Comment by Christina Macpherson | February 4, 2023 | Reply

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