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TODAY. Nuclear fusion – here’s where history, culture, and nuclear annihilation technology collide

“Had we not pursued the hydrogen bomb,” Edward Teller once said, “there is a very real threat that we would now all be speaking Russian. I have no regrets.”

Edward Teller’s fervour for nuclear weapons was equalled by his zealous hatred of Russia.

So – here we have a man who was both a brilliant thinker in physics, and psychologically harmed by his early experience of the brutal Soviet regime in Hungary.

The Soviet, and later, the Nazi cruelties in Hungary left this young Jewish boy with a lifelong distrust and fear of Russia, and of dictatorships. This all culminated in his belief in mass destruction as the way to go – to threaten, or use against Russia

Hence the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and nuclear fusion. And the USA government is still following Teller’s beliefs today.

The other day, I wrote about the way in which the national alliances are gearing up, just as they did in 1914, to make war inevitable – should there be just one inflammatory incident.

Today, I realise yet again, how the nuclear industry is intrinsically bound with weapons and war. That realisation is because of some new de-hyping of nuclear fusion, by Joshua Frank- Nuclear Fusion Won’t Save the Climate But It Might Blow Up the World.

Over recent weeks, the media has been exultant about nuclear fusion. It will “solve climate change” “provide boundless cheap, clean energy”. At the same time, we’re bombarded with media items about the wonders-to-be of small nuclear reactors, and also about the absolute necessity of nuclear power to save us from global heating.

Even the corporate media has had to mention a few drawbacks of nuclear power – cost, delays, public opposition, safety risks (especially in war zones). Even the corporate media has had to pull back a bit from their glorification of nuclear fusion .

But until Joshua Frank came along, no-one had made clear the whole purpose of nuclear fusion is so that America can develop a weapon that will threaten, intimidate, and possibly annihilate the Russians, or the Chinese.

Joshua Frank asks this question about nuclear fusion – “what’s really going on here?

And he finds that -some clues lie in history – the development of the thermonuclear bomb in 1952 by Edward Teller – in fact, a fission explosion that initiated a fusion reaction..

That’s what the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and its fusion is really all about – creating, at tax-payer expense – Instruments of Death.


January 28, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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