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TODAY. World War 3 danger – it’s getting so like pre World War 1 – can it get any worse?

Historians argue about the causes of World War 1. But the immediate kick-off for WW1 was the assassination of the heir to Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Bad enough , but why did it have to plunge the world into a devastating war, with 20 million deaths and 20 million injured?

The thing is – the armies of the Allied Powers and the Central Powers – 7 belligerent nations – numbered millions of soldiers, ready for war. As well, there was the buildup of new weapons, and naval strength

What on earth to do with it all? The simplest clearest solution – have a war!

We are back in the same situation as before World War 1. We have the same set-up – a large number of nations forming alliances, pledged to fight along with each other – all it requires is one incident to set the great conflagration off. Without the massive buildup of belligerent weaponised military, that one incident, that assassination on 28 June 1914, that wholesale conflagration could not have happened. With that huge military power at the ready – any incident would set it off.

All the learned “analysts” can discuss the underlying causes of WW1, but the immediate cause , – dealing with the military buildup and alliances, made WW1 pretty much inevitable. And now it’s happening again. As the tanks roll into Ukraine, the world might be lucky enough to dodge this bullet.

But don’t worry – there’ll be a Taiwan bullet waiting for us next.

January 25, 2023 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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