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New NASA Nuclear Rocket Plan Aims to Get to Mars in Just 45 Days

Science Alert23 January 2023, By MATT WILLIAMS, “…………………………. A few years ago, NASA reignited its nuclear program for the purpose of developing bimodal nuclear propulsion – a two-part system consisting of an NTP and NEP element – that could enable transits to Mars in 100 days.

As part of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program for 2023, NASA selected a nuclear concept for Phase I development. This new class of bimodal nuclear propulsion system uses a “wave rotor topping cycle” and could reduce transit times to Mars to just 45 days………………………….

Nuclear-Electric Propulsion (NEP), on the other hand, relies on a nuclear reactor to provide electricity to a Hall-Effect thruster (ion engine), which generates an electromagnetic field that ionizes and accelerates an inert gas (like xenon) to create thrust. Attempts to develop this technology include NASA’s Nuclear Systems Initiative (NSI) Project Prometheus (2003 to 2005)………………………………………..

A transit of 45 days (six and a half weeks) would reduce the overall mission time to months instead of years. This would significantly reduce the major risks associated with missions to Mars, including radiation exposure, the time spent in microgravity, and related health concerns.

In addition to propulsion, there are proposals for new reactor designs that would provide a steady power supply for long-duration surface missions where solar and wind power are not always available………….. more


January 24, 2023 - Posted by | space travel, USA

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  1. There is cosmic radiation1 which probably makes spacecolonization and space travel impossible.. Mars is uninhabitable. The earth is almost finishished from chemical and nuclear pollution. Climate change is ravaging the planet. What an awful red herring, to throw at all the dumn people, instead of sustainality. If one or two of these things explodes, you can bet that it will bethe end , for life on earth. Look at all the horrible death from the Simi Valley nuclear rocket propulsion systems. Look at jackass Valley, where they hoisted up a reactor on a Crain and made it meltdown to cause cancer and death to thousands. Look at what they did to poor john wayne..

    It’s worse than a horror movie. It causes cancer birth defects. Permanently destroys life. Ignorant conman criminals, like musks sells this death to the blubbering masses. Two nuclear propelled Missiles In Russia, had nuclear explosions in 2016 since Trump started this evil. Hard to believe that humans could be so filthy and stupid.

    Comment by Geria nusov | January 24, 2023 | Reply

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